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This is a list of shows on tape usless other wise noted 

11-03-65    (Warlocks)  Golden State Studios, San Fran-Autumn Records Demo 30 min.

??-??-66    Pigpen Demo. unknown location
01-07-66    Matrix, S.F.,Ca.  Opening of show  
            It's a sin, Sick & tried  10 min.
11-29-66    Matrix, S.F.,Ca.  2nd & 3rd sets    
            Me & my Uncle, Same thing, Stealin', Big boy Pete, 
            See that my grave is kept clean,Early morning rain, 
            Cold rain & snow, Viola Lee blues, Been down so long,   
            Something on your mind, Lindy, Schoolgirl, I just wanna make love to you. 
            Sounds great for era-90 min.

11-10-67    Shrine Aud. LA, Ca  filler on 11-11-67  
            Viola Lee blues    Approx. 15 min.
11-11-67    Shrine Aud. LA, Ca   
            Lovelight*, Death don't have no mercy, Schoolgirl, 
            Cryptical>Other one>Cryptical, New potato caboose,        

08-23-68    Shrine Aud. LA, Ca.  
            Very Good - Approx. 35 min.

10-08-68    Matrix, S.F., Ca. Practice session with just Billy, Phil & Jerry ?  
            Dark star jam, Death letter Blues, Fate music 
            jam>Eleven>Death don't have no mercy, 
            Seven>Dark star>Cosmic Charlie.  
            Very Good - 90 min.-got to be a board
10-13-68    Avalon Ballroom, S.F., Ca.  Complete 1st & 2nd sets  
            Dark star>Saint Stephen>The eleven>Death don't have no mercy - 
            45 min.  
            Cryptical>Drums>Other one>Cryptical>New potato caboose - 
            30 min. FM broadcast
            this one's a little ruff but Classic Performance.

02-22-69 Dream bowl, Vallejo, Ca. Mid. 1st set Mountains of the moon*>Dark star>Cryptical> Other one>Drums. *Jerry on Acoustic - Very Good - Approx. 45 min. 03-01-69 Fillmore West, S.F., Ca. Complete 1st & 2nd sets 1st) Cryptical>Drums>Other one>Cryprical>New potato caboose> Doin' the rag>Cosmic Charlie -45 min. 2nd) Dupree's diamond blues>Mountains of the moon, Dark star>Saint Stephen>eleven>Lovelight Encore: Hey Jude - 60 min.Very Good - Board 03-02-69 Fillmore West, S.F., Ca. 1st set Dark star>Saint Stephen>The eleven>Lovelight, Top of the world>Cold rain & snow> Doin' the rag, Me & my Uncle, Lovelight* pretty good - 40 min. - *with Janis Joplin 12-10-69 Thelma Theater, L.A., Ca. with *Stephen Stills Me & my Uncle, Cold rain & snow, Casey Jones*, Schoolgirl*, Morning dew*, Black Queen* Very Good - 45 min. 12-12-69+ Thelma Theater, L.A., Ca. End of the show Uncle John's band>He was a friend of mine, Alligator>Drums>Alligator>Caution Very Good - 45 min.
01-16-70 Springer's Inn, Portland, Or. Complete 1st Set Casey Jones, Mama tried, Black Peter, Hard to handle, China cat>I know you rider, High time<, Good lovin'> Drums>Good lovin', Dancin' in the streets, Alligator> Drums>Eleven jam>Death don't have no mercy Very Good - 90 min. It's got a few gens - high time cuts 02-01-70 The Warehouse, New Orleans, La. Bust Benefit with Peter Green Dark star>Saint Stephen>Mason's children Cryptical>Drums>Other one>Cryptical>Lovelight Very Good - Approx. 100 min. 02-02-70 Fox Theater, St Louis,Mo. filler on 8/14/91 Dark star>St Stephen>Mason's Children. 30 min. 05-02-70 Harpur Collage, S.U.N.Y., Binghamton, N.Y. Don't ease me in, I know you rider, Friend of the Devil, Dire wolf, Beat it on down the line> Black Peter, Candyman>Cumberland blues, Deep Elem blues, Cold Jordan*, Uncle John's Band. Saint Stephen>Cryptical>Drums>Other one>Cryptical> Cosmic Charlie, Casey Jones, Good lovin', Cold rain & snow, It's a man's world, Dancin' in the streets, Morning dew, Viola Lee blues>Feedback>We bid you goodnight * With members of the New Riders of the Purple Sage. Also NRPS's set 45 min. All 4 sets Approx. 225 min. 05-15-70a Fillmore East, N.Y., N.Y. Casey Jones, Easy wind, Attics of my life*, Saint Stephen> Cryptical>Drums>Other one>Cryptical>Cosmic Charlie E) Minglewood blues Very Good - Approx. 70 min. 05-15-70b Fillmore East, N.Y., N.Y. Acoustic & End of the Electric Set Ballad of Casey Jones*, Silver threads & golden needles, Black peter, Friend of the Devil, Uncle John's band, Candyman, She's mine, Katie Mae, I hear a voice a callin'*, Dark star>Saint Stephen>Not fade away>Lovelight E) Cold Jordan * First time played/ Very Good - Approx. 100 min. 07-14-70 Euphoria Ballroom, San Rafael, Ca. Acoustic Set Friend of the Devil, Dire Wolf, Dark Hollow, Candyman, Black Peter, How Long blues, Deep Elem blues, Cumberland blues*, New Speedway boogie* * With David Crosby/ Very Good - 55min. 09-18-70 Fillmore East, N.Y., N.Y. End of show Operator, Dancin' in the streets, Saint Stephen> Not fade away>Good Lovin'. E) We bid you goodnight 20 min. The only live Operator I've ever heard!! 09-20-70 filler on 8/12/91, Big Boy Pete, Easy Wind. 10-30-70 filler on 6/21/84, from the late show- Big RR blues, BIODTL 11-08-70 filler on 6/24/91, Acoustic! FOTD, Little Susie, Uncle John's. Good sound 'cept short drop in FOTD 12-1?-70 Matrix, S.F., Ca. Garcia & Friends David Crosby, Garcia, Lesh & Hart Drop down mama, Cowboy movie, Triad, Wall song, Bertha, Deep Elem blues, Motherless children, Laughing. Also rehearsal filler from same week Alabama bound, 8 miles high, Cowboy movie. Very Good - 90 min. 12-28-70 Legion Stadium, El Monte, Ca. Parts of both sets China cat>I know you rider, Cryptical>Drums> Other one>Cryptical>Sugar magnolia, Me & my Uncle, Beat it on down the line, Casey Jones, Smokestack Lightning, Big R.R. blues, Me & Bobby McGee, Deep Elem blues, Cold rain & snow. Pretty Good - 90 min. 02-18-71 Capital Theater, Port Chester, N.Y. 1st Set Bertha*, Truckin', Hurts me too, Loser*, Greatest story ever told*, Jonny B. Goode*, Mama tried, Hard to Handle, Dark star> Wharf rat*>Dark star> Me & my Uncle. *First time played/ Very Good Board - 90 min. 04-05-71 Manhattan Center, N.Y., N.Y. Most of 2nd Set Truckin'>Drums>Other one>Wharf rat, Sugar magnolia, Sing me back home*, Not fade away> Goin' down the road feelin' bad>Lovelight. *First time played/ Very Good Board - 90 min. 04-06-71 Manhattan Center, N.Y., N.Y. Complete 1st Set Bertha, Beat it on down the line, Hurts me too, Me & Bobby McGee, Dire wolf, Oh boy*, Hog for you baby, Playin' in the band, Midnight hour, Mama tried, Cumberland blues, Casey Jones. *First time played/ Final - Hog for you baby - Very Good - 90 min. 04-08-71 Music Hall, Boston, Ma. Complete 2nd Set & part of 1st Dark star>Saint Stephen>Not fade away>Goin' down the road feelin' bad>Not fade away, Second that emotion*, Sing me back home, Cumberland blues, Greatest story ever told Jonny B. Goode, Good lovin'>Drums>Good lovin', Casey Jones. *First time played/ Very Good Board - 90 min. 04-28-71 Fillmore East, N.Y., N.Y. Complete 1st & most of 2nd Truckin', Beat it on down the line, Loser, El Paso, The Rub, Bird song, Playin' in the band, Cumberland blues, Ripple, Me & Bobby McGee, King Bee, Bertha. Morning Dew, Me & my Uncle, Hard to handle, Cryptical> Drums>Other one<, Sugar Magnolia, Dark star*> Saint Stephen*>Not fade away*>Goin' down the road feelin' bad*> Not fade away*. Also New Riders (dirty business) with Jerry on Pedal Steel. * All with Tom Constanten This one is pretty good with a few rough-cuts Other one is clipped and is missing Wharf rat and Deal - 180 min.
04-29-71+ Fillmore East, N.Y., N.Y. Most of the 2nd Set {Morning dew, Sugar magnolia. filler on 6/15/76} {Black Peter filler on 5/5/77& some repeats on 12/29/84} *Beat it on down the line, Second that emotion, Alligator>Goin; down the road feelin' bad> Cold rain & snow, Sugar Magnolia, China cat> I know you rider, Greatest story ever told> Jonny B. Goode E1) Uncle John's band E2) Midnight hour>We bid you goodnight. A good sound of a historic performance - 90 min. *25 beats on bass> - final Alligator, Second that emotion - Last show at this venue. My first Bootleg!! 06-21-71 Chateau d'Herouville, Herouville, France Playin' in the band, Big boss man, Black Peter, Bertha, Casey Jones, Cryptical>Drums>Other one>Wharf rat, Sugar Magnolia, Sing me back Home,Jonny B. Goode. VG - FM 90 min. 07-02-71 Fillmore West, S.F., Ca. All of 2nd & part of 1st Sugar Magnolia, Sing me back home, Mama tried, Cryptical> Drums>Other one, Big boss man, Casey Jones, Not fade away> Goin' down the road feelin' bad>Not fade away. Bertha, Me & Bobby McGee, Next time you see me. Last show at this venue - Very Good FM - 90 min. 09-30-71 Practice with Keith Playin', Jack Straw, Deep Elem, Promised land, Attics, Tenn Jed. filler on 9/23/87 12-05-71 Felt Forum, MSG, N.Y., N.Y. First 4 songs Bertha, Beat it on down the line, Big boss man, Brown eyed woman. Approx. 25 min. - FM (also filler on 7/15/88 Brown eyed woman, Muddy water!!) 12-15-71 Hill Aud., Ann Arbor, Mi. All of the one set Bertha, Me & Bobby McGee, Mr. Charlie, China cat> I know you rider, Beat it on down the line, Hurts me too, Cumberland blues, Jack Straw, You win again, Run Rudolph run*, Playin' in the band, Brown eyed woman, Mexicali blues, Big RR blues, Brokedown Palace, El Paso, Casey Jones. * Final Run Rudolph run/ Very Good - 90 min. 02-06-72 Jerry Garcia Band, Pacific High Studios, Ca It takes a lot to laugh-It takes a train to cry, Expressway, That's the touch I like, Save Mother Earth, Imagine*, That's alright mama, Who's loving you tonight, Masterpiece, I was made to love her, How sweet it is. Pretty Good FM 'cept the right channel fades in & out in the later part of tape *Instrumental only - 90 min. 04-08-72 Wembly Empire Pool, London, England Dark star> approx. 20 min. 04-14-72 Tivoli Concert Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark Most of 1st & part of 2nd Set Bertha, Me & my Uncle, Mr. Charlie, You win again, Black throated wind, Chinatown Shuffle, Me & Bobby McGee, Cumberland blues, Playin' in the band, El Paso, Beat it on down the line, Casey Jones. Truckin', Dark star< Very Good FM - just a little Gen. hiss - 90min. 05-04-72 Olympia Theater, Paris, France End 1st, most of 2nd Casey Jones, Good lovin', Next time you see me, Ramble on rose, Jack straw, Dark star> Drums>Dark star...... This one has a few rough spots but still pretty good- 90 min. 05-07-72 Bickershaw Festival, Wigan, England most of the 2nd set Dark star>Drums>Other one>Sing me back home, Lovelight>Goin' down the road feelin' bad>Not fade away Pretty Good - 90 min. 05-11-72 Civic Hall, Rotterdam, Netherlands Dark star>Drums>Dark star....Pretty Good - 40 min. 05-16-72 Radio Luxembourg, Luxembourg 1st Set Bertha, Me & my Uncle, Mr. Charlie, Sugaree, Black throated wind, Chinatown shuffle, China cat>I know you rider, Beat it on down the line, Hurts me too, Tennessee Jed, Playin' in the band, Promised land. Very Good FM - 90 min. 05-26-72 Strand Lyceum, London, England Part of the 1st Promised Land, Sugaree, Mr. Charlie*, Black Throated wind, Loser, Next time you see me*, El Paso, Dire wolf, Two souls in communion*, Playin' in the Band, He's Gone, Cumberland blues, Jack straw, Chinatown shuffle* *final time played - Very Good (Board ?) - 90 min. 08-27-72 Old Renaissance Fairgrounds, Veneta, Or. All 3 Sets * Promised land, Sugaree, Me & my Uncle, Deal, Black throated wind, China cat>I know you rider, Mexicali blues, Bertha. Playin' in the band, He's Gone, Jack straw, Bird song, Greatest story ever told. Sugar Magnolia, Casey Jones, Dark star>El Paso, Sing me back home. *missing Sat. night - Very Good - 180 min. 09-03-72 Folsom Field, Boulder,Co. Promised land, Sugaree, Me & my Uncle, Tenn Jed, Black throated wind, Bird song. This was given to me labled Wichita,Ks 11-17-72. I later discovered that the first 6 tracks were from Boulder, tracks 7&8 are still unknown location(Jack straw, Box of rain) and the last 3 the opener from Wichita. 1 disc. 11-17-72 Convention Hall, Wichita,Ks. Don't ease me in*, Beat it on down the line*, Brown eyed woman* Big river, China Cat>I know you rider, Around and around, Casey Jones.Cumberland Blues, El Paso, He's Gone> Truckin'>Other one, Brokedown Palace, Sugar Magnolia, Uncle john's Band. Johnny B Goode. *These 3 songs are the last 3 on 9/3/72 11-19-72 Hofheinx Pavilion, Houston, TX. Complete 2 Sets* Sugaree, Me & my Uncle, Beat it on down the line, Bird song, Black throated wind, Don't ease me in, Mexicali blues, Box of rain, Casey Jones, Tomorrow is forever, Big river, China cat>I know you rider, Playin' in the band. Dark star>Weather report prelude^>Mississippi half step, Around & around, Promised land, Ramble on Rose, El Paso, Stella blue, Jack straw, Big RR blues, Sugar Magnolia, Goin' down the road feelin' bad. *missing Bertha - ^first time played - Very Good Board - 180 min. 11-23-72 Jerry & Friends?? Austin, Tx. With Lesh, Kreutzman, Leon Russel, Vassar Clements & Doug Sahm. 3 CDs 01-17-73 JGB, Keystone, Berkeley,Ca. Think, Last train, Finders keepers, Jam> 1 disc 02-09-73 Roscoe Maples Pavilion, Stanford University, Palo Alto, Ca. All of 1st, part of 2nd Promised land, Row Jimmy*, Black throated wind, Deal, Me & my Uncle, Sugaree, Looks like rain, Loose Lucy<*, Mexicali blues, Brown eyed woman, El Paso, Here comes Sunshine*, Playin' in the band. China cat>I know you rider>Jack straw, They love each other*, Box of rain, Wave that flag*, Sugar Magnolia, Truckin', Eyes of the world*, China doll*. *first time played - Very Good - 180 min. 02-15-73 Dane County Coliseum, Madison WI. 2nd Set Here comes sunshine, El Paso, You ain't woman enough*, They love each other, Big river, Promised Land, Sugaree, Sugar Magnolia, Dark star>Eyes of the world>China doll. *first time played - Very Good - 90 min. 02-26-73 Perching Aud., Lincoln, NE. Promised land, Deal, Jack Straw, Don't ease me in, Box of rain, China>Rider, LL Rain, Loose Lucy, Beat it on down the line, Row Jimmy, El Paso, Big RR Blues, Playin' in the band. They love each other, Big River, Tenn Jed, Greatest story, Dark star>Eyes of the world>Half step, Me & my uncle, Not fade away>Goin' down the road feelin' bad>Not fade away. 3 cds 03-21-73 Memorial Aud., Utica, N.Y. 2nd set Greatest story ever told, They love each other, Mexicali blues, Brown eyed woman, Big river, Brokedown palace, Me & Bobby McGee, Dark star> Eyes of the world>Stronger than dirt. Very Good Board - 90 min. (also filler on 4/8/72 eyes>stronger>wharf rat) 04-02-73 Boston Garden, Boston, Mass. Part of 2nd Here comes sunshine>Me & Bobby McGee>Weather report prelude> Eyes of the world>Stronger than Dirt, Mississippi half step. Very Good Board - 45 min. 05-26-73 Kezar Stadium, S.F., Ca. 1st set, part of 2nd Promised Land, Deal, Jack straw, Tennessee Jed, The race is on, Sugaree, Mexicali blues, Row Jimmy, Looks like rain, They love each other, Playin' in the band. Here comes sunshine, El Paso. Very Good Board - 90 min. 06-22-73 P.N.E. Coliseum, Vancouver, BC , Canada Mostly 1st Set Box of rain, Bird song, The race is on, Sugaree, Looks like rain, Jack straw, Big River, Tennessee Jed. Here comes sunshine. Pretty Good - 60 min. 11-04-73 Old & in the way, Sonoma State Univ. Cotati, Ca. Going to the races, Catfish John, Eating out of your hand, Lonesome Fiddle Blues, Land of the Navajo, Jerry's breakdown, Panama Red, Pig in a pen, Fanny hill, Hobo song, Wild Horses, White dove, L.A. cowboy,Tramp on the street*, All around the watertank*, Midnight moonlight*, Orange blossom special. *with Jack Elliot, missing 5 songs, 1 disc 11-17-73 Pauley Pavilion, U.C.L.A., L.A., Ca. Most of 2nd Set Playin' in the band>Uncle John's band>Morning dew> Uncle John's>Playin' reprise, Stella blue, El Paso, Eyes of the world>Sugar Magnolia. Excellent Board - 90 min. 12-12-73 The Omni, Atlanta Ga. Soundcheck Rip it up, Blue suede shoes, Peggy-o, Jack straw, Cumberland blues, 30 days in the hole, Very Good - 45 min. (also Mars Hotel Outtakes - Pride of Cucamonga,Money money) 02-22-74 Winterland Arena, S.F., Ca. Filler on 6/28/74 The race is on, China cat>I Know you rider. 02-24-74 Winterland Arena, S.F., Ca. Part of 2nd Ship of fools, Promised land, Dark star>Mornung dew, Not fade away>Goin' down the road,WRS prelude>part one> Let it grow>Dark star>China doll. Very Good Board - 90 min. 05-19-74 Memorial Coliseum, Portland, Or. Most of the 2nd set WRS prelude>part one>Let it grow>Wharf rat, Big river, Peggy-o, Truckin'>Jam>Mind left body Jam>Not fade away> Goin' down the road feelin' bad>Saturday night. E) U.S. blues Very Good Board - 90 min. 06-16-74 State Fairgrounds, Des Moines, IA. 2nd set U.S. blues, The race is on, Eyes of the world>Big river, Tennessee Jed, Me & my Uncle, Playin' in the band, Deal, Greatest story, Ship of fools. Pretty good - 90 min. 06-28-74 Boston Gardens, Boston, Ma. Most of 2nd set Sugar Magnolia>Scarlet Begonias, WRS prelude>part one> Let it grow>space>Mind left body Jam>Jam>U.S. blues, Promised Land>Goin' down the road feelin' bad> Sunshine Daydream. Very Good Board, 110 min. First split sugar magnolia!! 07-19-74 Selland Arena, Fresno, Ca. Part of the 2nd set He's gone>U.S. blues, WRS prelude>part one>Let it grow> Spanish Jam>Eyes of the world>China doll. Very Good Board - 90 min. 07-21-74 Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, Ca. Most of the 2nd set Phil & Ned, China cat>I know you rider, Big river, Playin' in the band>Wharf rat>Truckin'>Nobody's Jam> Playin' reprise, ship of fools, Sugar Magnolia. Very Good 90 min. Levels flux during truckin'>nobody's jam 10-19-74 Winterland Arena, S,F, Ca. Mostly 2nd set Big river, Phil & Ned, Uncle John's band, Big R.R. blues, The race is on, Tomorrow is forever*, Mexicali blues, Dire wolf, Sugar Magnolia>He's gone>Caution Jam>Drums> Truckin'. VG 90 min. 12-15-74 JGB-Legion of Mary, date & location not certain. Dixie down, Bossa Martin, Let it rock, Tore up over you, Let's spend the night together. 1 disc. 03-23-75 Kezar stadium, SF, Ca. Stronger than dirt>Drums>Stronger than dirt> Blues for Allah. E) Jonny B. Goode Very Good Board - 45 min. (Also from this day in the park Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Band & others - Are you ready for the country?, Lotta love, Looking for a love, Loving you is sweeter, I want you, The weight, Helpless, Knockin' on heaven's door, Will the circle be unbroken. - Pretty good - 45 min.) 04-09-75 JGB - The Bottom Line, N.Y., N.Y. Think, Freedom jazz dance, Dynamite, That's what love will do, Mississippi moon, Harder they come. Incomplete - VG board 90 min. 04-19-75 JGB - The Oriental Theatre, Milwaukee, WI. Tough mama, It's no use, Dynamite, Every word you say, That's what love will do, Wicked messenger, Harder they come. VG board - 90 min. 06-17-75 Winterland Arena, S.F., Ca. Parts of both sets Crazy fingers*, Big river, Peggy-o, Help on the way*> Slipknot>Franklin's tower*. Blues for Allah>Drums> Stronger than dirt>Blues for Allah. * First time - Pretty good - 70 min. 08-13-75 Great American Music Hall, S.F., Ca. Parts of both sets Help on the way>Slipknot>Franklin's tower, Music never stopped*, Eyes of the world>Drums> Stronger than dirt. Must of been the roses. Around & round, Sugaree, Other one jam> Sage & spirit*>Goin' down the road feelin bad. *First time - VG /90 min 09-28-75 Lindey Meadows, Golden Gate Park, S.F., Ca. Complete set Help on the way>Slipknot>Music never stopped*, They love each other, Beat it on down the line*, Franklin's tower, Big river, Must of been the roses, Truckin'>Eleven jam>Drums>Stronger than dirt> Not fade away>Goin' down the road feelin' bad> Saturday night *with Matt Kelly - VG - 90 min. 04-03-76 KINGFISH, Beacon Theatre, N.Y., N.Y. Mystery train>Mule Skinner blues, Juke, Jumpback, Battle of New Orleans, Good bye yer honor, Big Iron, Hear ya knockin', All I need is time, Around & 'round, C.C. Rider, Home to Dixie, Hidden charm, Bye & bye, Promised land, Lazy lightning>Supplication, Jump for joy, Asia miner, New Minglewood blues, Saturday night. Awesome Board - 90 min. THIS TAPE HAS BEEN MUNCHED BY A CRAPPY DECK, HELP!!!!!! 06-11-76 Boston Music Hall, Boston, Ma. End 1st, complete 2nd Promised land. St. Stephen>Dancin' in the streets> Music never stopped, Ship of fools, Samson & Delilah, Sugaree, Sugar Magnolia>Eyes of the world>Stella Blue> Sunshine daydream. VG/Board - 90 min. 06-15-76 Beacon Theatre, N.Y., N.Y. Complete 1st set Promised Land, Sugaree, Cassidy, Candyman, Music never stopped, Must of been the roses, Looks like rain, Tenn. Jed, Let it grow>Drums>Let it grow>Might as well. VG/Board - 90 min. 07-??-76 JGB, Keystone, Berkeley, Ca. Complete 1st set They love each other, Tore up over you, Stir it up, Mystery train, Bless my soul*, Don't let go, Ride the mighty high*. *These songs are Donna on lead vocal - VG/Board - 90 min. 07-18-76 Orpheum Theatre, S.F., Ca. Most of 2nd Lazy lightning>Supplication, Let it grow>Drums> Let it grow>Wharf rat>Drums>Other one> St. Stephen>Not fade away>St. Stephen>Wheel> Other one>Stella Blue>Sugar magnolia. VG 90 min. 08-04-76 Roosevelt Stadium, Jersy City,NJ. 2nd set. Slip>Franklin's>Dancin'>Wheel>Samson & Delilah, Must of been the roses, Not fade away>Drums>Other one. VG/Board - approx. 75 min. 09-25-76 Capital Center, Landover, Md. Complete 2nd set Lazy lightning>Supplication, Half step, Dancin'> Cosmic Charlie, Scarlet Begonias, St. Stephen>Not fade away>St. Stephen>Sugar Magnolia. VG/Board - 90 min. 10-09-76 Oakland Alameda Stadium, Oakland, Ca. Complete 2nd, part of 1st Hitchcock theme>St. Stephen>Not fade away>St. Stephen> Help>Slip>Drums>Samson & Delilah>Slip>Franklin's> Saturday night. U.S. blues. VG/Board - 90 min.
02-26-77 Swing Auditorium, San Bernadino, Ca. Both sets Terrapin*, Minglewood blues, They love each other, Estimated Prophet*, Sugaree, Mama tried, Deal, Playin' in the band>Wheel>Playin' reprise. Samson & Delilah, Tenn. Jed, Music never stopped, Help>Slip>Franklin's, Promised Land, Eyes of the world, Dancin' in the streets, Around & round. *First time VG/Board 180 min. 05-05-77 Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT. 2nd set Bertha, Estimated prophet, Scarlet>Fire>Good lovin', St. Stephen>Sugar magnolia. VG/Board - 90 min 05-07-77 Boston Garden, Boston,Ma. Both sets Bertha, Cassidy, Deal, Jack Straw, Peggy-o, Minglewood, Half step>Big river, Tenn Jed, Music never stopped. Terrapin>Samson, FOTD, Estimated, Eyes> Drumz>Wheel>Wharf rat>Around. VG Board 180 min. 05-07-77 Boston Garden, 1st half 2nd set Terrapin thru Eyes. VG 1 disc 05-08-77 Barton Hall, Cornell Univ. Ithaca, NY Both sets on CD >Minglewood, Loser, El Paso, They love each other, Jack Straw, Deal, *, Mama tried, Row Jimmy, Dancin'. Scarlet>Fire, Estimated, St Stephen>NFA>ST Stephen> Morning Dew. Saturday night. Awesome!! beginning of minglewood cuts, *missing Lazy lightning>Suppl. & B E Woman. 3 cds 05-09-77 War Memorial Aud., Buffalo, N.Y. Both sets Help>Slip>Franklin's, Cassidy, Brown eyed woman, Mexicali blues, Tenn. Jed, Big river, Peggy-o, Sunrise, Music never stopped. Bertha>Good lovin', Ship of fools, Estimated prophet> Other one>Drums>Not fade away>Comes a time> Sugar magnolia. Uncle John's band Awesome board - 180 min. 05-13-77 Auditorium Theater, Chicago, IL. 1st set Music never stopped, Ramble on rose, Cassidy, Brown eyed woman, Minglewood blues, Friend of the devil, El Paso, Jack-a-roe, Looks like rain, Scarlet>Fire VG/Board 90 min. 06-08-77 JGB Keystone, Berkeley, CA Date uncertain After Midnight, Tore up over you<, Stir it up !!, Mission in the Rain, Who was John?<, Midnight Moonlight, Don't let go, Way you do the things you do, Stop that Train< Awesome sound but all these < songs are clipped. 11-06-77 Broome County Arena, Binghamton,NY. Both sets Half step, Jack Straw, Tenn Jed, Me & My Uncle, Friend of the Devil, Minglewood Blues, Dupree's Diamond Blues, Passenger, Music Never Stopped. Samson & Delilah, Sunrise, Scarlet>Fire>Good Lovin', St. Stephen>Drums> Not Fade Away>Wharf Rat>St. Stephen>Truckin'. Missing encore, Pretty good Board-180 min. 01-22-78 McArthur Court, U of Oregon, Eugene, OR From the 2nd set Terrapin>Drums>Other One>Close Encounters Theme> St.Stephen>Not Fade Away>Around & round. U.S. Blues. VG 90 min. 03-18-78 JGB Warner Theater Music Hall, Washington DC Late show Harder they Come, Mission in the Rain, Simple Twist of Fate, Midnight Moonlight, Gomorrah, Cats under they Stars, I'll be with thee, Lonesome and a long way from home. Palm Sunday. FM/90 min. 04-16-78 Huntington, WV. Jack Straw, Dire wolf, Cassidy,Peggy-O, TLEO, Minglewood, Scarlet>Fire, Samson, Ship of fools. Great CD!! 05-16-78 Uptown Theater, Chicago, IL Filler on 7/5/78 Space>Comes a Time! 15 min. 07-01-78 Arrowhead Stadium, KC,Mo. Terrapin >Playin' filler on 3/17/88 07-03-78 Civic Center Arena, St. Paul, MN 1st Set, Part of 2nd Minglewood Blues, Loser, Looks like Rain, Ramble on Rose, Mexicali>Mama Tried, >Peggy-o, Cassidy, Deal, Music Never Stopped. Fire on the Mt, Dancin'. Pretty good-90 min. 07-05-78 Civic Aud. Omaha, NE Both sets Sugaree, Beat it on down the line, They love each other, Looks like Rain, Dire wolf, It's all over now, Candyman, Lazy Lightning>Supplication, Deal. Samson & Delilah>Ship of fools, Estimated Prophet> Eyes of the World>Drums*>Wharf Rat>Truckin'>Iko> Around & round. *W/Phil Jana- 2nd gen/aud.-180 min. 07-07-78 Red Rocks Amp, Morrison, CO 1st set & encore Jack Straw, Candyman, Me & My Uncle>Big River, Friend of the Devil, Cassidy, Tenn. Jed, Passenger, Peggy-o, Music never stopped. Johnny B Goode VG/Board-90 min. 07-08-78 Red Rocks Amp, Morrison, CO 2nd set & encore (Filler on 9/14/78-1st set opening-Bertha>Good Lovin', Dire Wolf, EL Paso-30 min.) Samson & Delilah, Ship of fools, Estimated> Other one>Eyes>Drums>Wharf Rat>Franklin's> Sugar Magnolia. Werewolves of London. VG/Board-90 min. 09-14-78 Gizah Sound & Light Theater, Cairo, Egypt 1st set, 2nd opener Ollin Arageed*>Not Fade Away, Me & My Uncle, They Love each other, Minglewood, Peggy-o, Beat it on down the line, Deal. Sugaree. *W/Hamza El Din-VG/Board-70 min. 09-16-78 Gizah Sound & Light Theater, Cairo, Egypt 1st set Bertha>Good Lovin', Candyman, Looks like Rain, Row Jimmy, El Paso, Ramble on Rose, Minglewood, Deal. VG/70 min. 10-20-78 Winterland Arena, S.F, CA 2nd set Half Step>Franklin's, Dancin'>Drums>Not Fade Away> Black Peter>Around. Awesome Board 90 min. 10-21-78 Winterland Arena, S.F, CA. Part of 2nd Filler on 6/25/85 Mojo>Other One>Stella Blue. All with Lee Oskar VG 25 min. 10-22-78 Winterland Arena, S.F, CA 2nd set Scarlet>Fire, Samson, Heart of me, Need a Miracle> Drums*>Not Fade Away**>Caution Jam**>Mojo Jam**> Goin' down the road feelin' bad**< *w/ Lee Oskar **w/John Cipollina VG 90 min. 12-19-78 Jackson,Miss. Scarlet>Fire, Promised Land, Stagger Lee, Truckin'> Drums>Other one>Stella Blue>Not Fade Away>Around. VG 90 min. 12-30-78 Pauley Pavilion, UCLA, L.A, CA 2nd set Scarlet>Fire>Playin'>Shakedown>Drums>Ollin Arageed*> St. Stephen>Not Fade Away> Goin' down the road feelin' bad>Around** *W/Hamza El Din **W/Lee Oskar VG/Board-90 min. 12-31-78 Winterland Arena, S.F, CA 1st & 2nd set Sugar Magnolia>Scarlet>Fire, Me & My Uncle>Big River, Friend of the Devil, It's all over now, Heart of me, Sunshine Daydream. Need a Miracle*> Terrapin, Not Fade Away**>Around & round** *W/Matt Kelly **W/John Cipollina FM 90 min. 01-15-79 Civic Center Arena, Springfield, MA 2nd set Need a Miracle>Shakedown, Terrapin>Playin'>Drums> Playin' reprise>Casey Jones. Johnny B. Goode. Great board 90 min. 06-22-79 Reconstruction Band, 1 disc. 08-13-79 McNichols Arena, Denver, CO 1st set Shakedown Street, Me & My Uncle>Big River, Candyman, El Paso, Friend of the Devil, Minglewood, Althea, Lost Sailor>Deal. Great Board 80 min. 10-27-79 Cape Cod Coliseum, South Yarmouth,Ma. 2nd set Dancin'>Franklin's, He's gone>Caution Jam>Other one> Drumz>NFA>Black Peter>Around. Saturday night< VG Board 90 min. Sat. Night cuts! 11-01-79 Nassau Veteran's Mem. Coliseum, Uniondale, NY Mostly 1st set >Jack Straw, They Love each other, Mama Tried> Mexicali blues, Peggy-o, Minglewood, Candyman, Looks like Rain. Scarlet>Fire!! Great Board Smokin'Scar>Fire!! 90 min. The beginning of Jack Straw is clipped!! 11-06-79 Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA 1st set Alabama Getaway>Promised Land, Tenn. Jed, Me & My Uncle>Mexicali blues, Candyman, Easy to Love you, Looks like Rain, Jack-a-Roe, Jack Straw>Deal. VG Board 75 min.

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