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Old List, All shows are on tape unless other wise noted

02-28-80    JGB  Kean College, Union, NY   How sweet it is, After Midnight>Eleanor Rigby Jam>After Midnight, Catfish John*   *The Deadbase says that he played "I'll take a Melody" anyway it's a great listen!-45

02-29-80+   JGB  Calderone Theater, Hempstead, NY   Late show   How sweet it is, Masterpiece, Russian Lullaby, Harder they come, Tiger Rose*, Promotory Rider*, Dear Prudence.  Midnight Moonlight.  *W/Robert Hunter-FM-90
06-08-80    Folsom Field, Boulder, CO   Both sets  Uncle John's Band>Playin' in the Band>Uncle John's, Me & My Uncle>Mexicali blues, Tenn. Jed, Samson, Easy to Love you>Althea>Looks like Rain>Deal.  Stranger, Ship of fools, Estimated>Eyes>Drums>Saint of Circumstance>Black Peter>Sugar Magnolia.  Alabama>Brokedown.  Pretty good Aud-180 min.

06-21-80+   West High Aud, Anchorage, AK   Both sets  Sugaree>Minglewood, Candyman, Me & MY Uncle>Big River, Loser, Lazy Lightning>Supplication, Far from Me, Ramble on Rose, Stranger.   Big RR Blues, Samson, Terrapin>Playin'>Drums>Truckin'>Stella Blue>Sugar Magnolia.   Saturday night>Brokedown Palace.  VG-180 min

09-27-80+   Warfield Theater, S.F., CA  Acoustic, filler on 11/6/77 Must have been the Roses, Dark Hollow, Bird Song. - VG/Board 20 min.  (Filler on 8/13/79-Race is on, Jack-a-Roe, Monkey & the Engineer)

10-09-80+   Warfield Theater, S.F, CA   2nd electric  Alabama>Greatest Story, High Time, Sailor>Saint>Terrapin>Drums>Not fade away>Wharf Rat>Sugar Magnolia.   Casey Jones.   Awesome Board-100 min.

10-11-80+   Warfield Theater, S.F, CA   Acoustic & part 1st electric   Dire Wolf, Dark Hollow, Rosalie McFall, Cassidy, Deep Elem Blues, Monkey & the Engineer, China Doll, Heaven help the fool Jam, Babe it ain't no lie>Ripple.   Stranger, They love each other, Mama Tried>Mexicali Blues, Loser.   VG-Board-90 min.

03-28-81    Grugahalle, Essen, Germany   Most of the 2nd set  Ship of Fools, Estimated>He's Gone>Other One>Drums*>Not Fade Away**>Wharf Rat**>Around & Round**>Good Lovin'**Eyes>Drums>Uncle John's>Playin'>China Doll>Uncle John's>Playin' Reprise>Around & Round>Good Lovin'.  Pretty Good-90 min.

08-14-81    Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA   2nd set   Might as well>Samson, Ship of fools, Playin'>China Cat>I know you Rider>Drums>Playin' Reprise>Wharf Rat>Goin' down the road feelin' bad>Miracle>Johnny B Goode.  Baby Blue.  VG-Aud-90 min.

09-30-81+   Playhouse Theater, Edinburg, Scottland   2nd set  Feel like a Stranger, Ship of fools, Samson, Good Times Blues, Estimated>Drums>Other One>Stella Blue>Good Lovin'.  Great Board-90

10-15-81    Melk Weg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands   Part of the 2nd set   Filler on 10/16/81 - He's Gone>Spoonful*>Drums   *first time

10-16-81    Melk Weg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands   Both sets   Acoustic: On the Road again, Dire Wolf, Monkey & the Engineer, Bird Song, Cassidy, Oh Babe it ain't no lie, The Race is on, Ripple - 45 min.
            Electric: Playin'>Hully Gully*>Wheel>Samson, Gloria>Lovelight>Goin' down the road feelin' bad>Playin' reprise>Black Peter>Sugar Magnolia - 90 min.   *Only time played

04-12-82 Nassau Veterans Mem. Coliseum, Uniondale, NY 1st set Iko>Minglewood, Peggy-o, Mama Tried>Mexicali blues, Bird song, CC Rider, Tenn. Jed, Looks like Rain, Deal - 1st gen Aud. VG 90min. 04-19-82 Civic Center, Baltimore, MD Most of the 2nd set Estimated>Terrapin>Drums>The Raven>Wheel>Truckin'>Stella Blue>Around & round>Good Love. Brokedown Palace. - VG Board 90 min. 04-21-82+ JGB Beacon Theater, N.Y, NY Late show Solo Acoustic with John Kahn on Bass, Lot to Laugh-Train to Cry, Stagger Lee, Dire Wolf, Valerie, Run for the Roses, All around this World. From 2nd Ain't no Lie, Gomorrah - VG 45 min. 05-05-82+ JGB State Prison, Salem, Or. Complete set - Solo Acoustic with John Kahn, Deep Elem Blues, FOTD, Jack a Roe, Oh babe it ain't no lie, It takes alot to laugh, Run for the roses, Ripple, I've been all around this world, Valerie, Dire wolf. Rubin & Cherise. Great! 60 min. 06-16-82+ JGB Music Mountain, South Fallsburg, NY Parts of both sets Catfish John, That's what Love will make you do, Valerie, Let it Rock>Deal. Roadrunner, Love in the Afternoon, Don't let go. - VG 90 min. 07-28-82 Red Rocks Amp, Morrison, CO Both sets Shakedown, Beat it on down the line>Greatest story, They love each other, Mama Tried>Mexicali blues, Big RR blues, Lazy Lightning>Supplication>Deal. Woman-R- Smarter, Althea, Let it Grow> He's gone>Truckin'>Drums>Spanish Jam>Not Fade Away>Black Peter>Sugar Magnolia. Baby Blue. VG 170 min. 08-01-82+ Zoo Amp, Oklahoma City, OK 2nd set Playin'>Iko>Sailor>Saint>Drums>Wheel>Playin' reprise>Black Peter>Around & round. VG 90 min. 08-03-82+ Starlight Theater, K.C, MO Most of 2nd Shakedown>Samson, To Lay me down>Let it grow>Drums>He's gone>Other One VG Board 90 min. 08-06-82+ Civic Center, St Paul, MN Both sets Bertha>Minglewood>Candyman, Red Rooster, Bird song, El Paso, All over now, Lazy Lightning>Supplication>Might as Well. Scarlet>Fire>Sailor>Saint>Drums>Truckin'>Wharf Rat> Around>Goin' down the road feelin' bad>Johnny B Goode. Baby Blue Great Board-180 min. 08-10-82 Fieldhouse, U of I, Iowa City, IA 2nd set China>Rider, Sailor>Saint>Eyes>Drums>Iko>Truckin'>Stella Blue>Sugar Magnolia. Pretty good-90 min. 08-28-82+ County Fairgrounds, Veneta, OR Both sets Bertha>Minglewood, Tenn. Jed, Me & My Uncle>Big River, Althea, All over now, China>Rider. Day Job>Woman -R- Smarter, West L.A, Far from me> Playin'> Drums>Wheel>Other One> Truckin'>Black Peter>Playin' reprise>Saturday night. Dupree's Diamond Blues. VG 180 min. 09-17-82 Civic Center, Portland, ME 2nd set Touch of Grey>Woman -R- Smarter, High Time, Estimated>Eyes>Drums>Spanish Jam>Other One>Goin' down the road>Morning Dew>Sugar Magnolia - A little Ruff- 90 min. 11-26-82 World Music Fest, Montego Bay, Jamacia 1st & Most of 2nd Sugaree, Minglewood, Loser, Woman-R-Smarter, Althea, Let it Grow. Samson, Scarlet>Fire Throwin'>Not Fade Away>Black Peter - VG 90 min. 12-31-82 Aud. Arena, Oakland, CA Parts of all 3 sets 1st Cold Rain & Snow, CC Rider*, Cumberland Blues, Far from Me>Cassidy. 2nd Woman-R-Smarter, Ship of Fools, Playin'>Drums 3rd Lovelight>Tell Mama>Baby what you want>Hard to Handle>Midnight Hour. *W/ Matt Kelly - 3rd set all With Etta James & Tower of Power 90 min. 03-26-83 Alladin Theater, Las Vegas, NV Parts of both sets Jack Straw, FOTD, R Rooster, B E Women, Mama>Mexicali. Scarlet>Fire. Estimated>Eyes>Other one>Drums>Other one< VG 90 min. 04-16-83 Brendon Byrne Arena, E. Ruthford, NJ. Both sets Minglewood, Tenn. Jed, Me & my Uncle>Mexicali, Bird song, Brother Esau, West LA, Maybe you Know, LL Rain>Touch of grey. China>Rider, Uncle Johns>Truckin'>Drums> Black Queen*>Iko*>Bob star Other one>Black Peter>Sat. night* Johnny B. Goode* *with Stephen Stills VG 180 min. 04-20-83+ Civic Center, Providence, RI 2nd set+ Brother Esau>Maybe you Know, Bertha>Estimated>Eyes>Drums>Throwing stones> Morning dew>Sugar Magnolia. Cumberland Blues. VG 100 min. 09-02-83 BSU Pavilion, Boise, ID. 1st set & end 2nd Wang Dang Doodle>Jack Straw, They Love each other, Mama tried>Big river, B E Women, Minglewood, Big RR Blues, L L Rain>Deal. Black Peter>Sugar Magnolia. Baby Blue. VG 90 min. 09-06-83 Red Rocks Amp, Morrison, CO. 1st set Alabama>Greatest Story, Peggy-O, Bucket, Dupree's, Minglewood, Bird song, Lazy lightning>Supplication>Might as well. Pretty good 70 min. 09-10-83 Downs of Santa Fe, NM. 1st set+ Music Never Stopped, They love each other, Brother Esau, Big RR Blues>Beat it on down the line, Tenn. Jed, Minglewood>China>Rider. Women-R-smarter. - pretty good 90 min. 09-11-83 Downs of Santa Fe, NM. 1st set, end 2nd Alabama>Greatest Story, Dire wolf, Bucket, West LA, Me & my Uncle>Mexicali. Althea, CC Rider>Might as well. Morning Dew>Around>Sugar Magnolia. VG 90 min. 10-31-83 Veterans Arena, San Rafael, Ca. Incomplete 2nd set Estimated>Eyes>Drums>St Stephen>Throwin'>NFA. Revolution< Good Board but Revolution is clipped< 90 min. 12-31-83 Civic Center, San Francisco, Ca. End of 1st, complete 2nd & 3rd Candyman, Brother Esau, Tenn. Jed, Bucket>Don't ease. Sugar Magnolia>Touch, Estimated>Eyes>Drums>Thowing>Not fade away. Brokedown. Big Boss Man>Iko, Midnight Hour, Goodnight Irene* Pretty good FM 3rd set with Rick Danko & Maria Muldaur, * with John Cipollina 180 min. 04-01-84 Marin County Veterans Aud, San Rafael, Ca 1st set & encore Jack Straw, FOTD, Me & my Uncle>Mexicali, Big RR blues, Cassidy, Tenn. Jed, Brother Esau>Don't ease. Touch. VG 70 min. 06-21-84+ Kingswood Music Theatre, Maple, Ontario, Canada. Both sets Bucket, TLEO, CC Rider>Bird song, BIODTL>Dupree's>LL Rain>Might as well. Scarlet>Fire, Good times, Samson>Terrapin>Drums>Wheel>Throwin'>NFA. New Orleans*, Big boss man*, Iko* VG FM 180 min. * with R Danko & L Helm 07-06-84 Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, Wi. Both sets Iko, Jack Straw>Big RR blues, R Rooster, Candyman, Me & my Uncle>Mexicali, Bird song, Let it grow. China>Rider, Ship of fools, Women>Drums> Mr. Fantasy>Other one>B. Peter>Why don't we do it in the road>Around jam>Sugar Magnolia. Touch. Pretty Good 180 min. 10-09-84 Filler on 6/28/86 Help>Slip>Franklin's, Jack straw, He's gone. 10-27-84+ Community Theatre, Berkeley, Ca. 2nd set China>Rider, Women>He's gone>Wang Dang>I don't need love>Drums>Truckin'>B. Peter>GDTRFB>Sat. night. Day Job. VG 90 min. 11-02-84+ Community Theatre, Berkeley, Ca. 1st & 2nd set Jack Straw>Peggy-O, El Paso, Loser, Smokestack>Spoonful, Iko. Help>Slip>Franklin's>Sailor>Saint>Wharf rat>Gimme some lovin'*>Drums>Playin' reprise>Bertha>Good lovin'< VG 130 min. 11-03-84 Community Theatre, Berkeley, Ca. Parts of both sets Meet me on the Bottom, Music never>Deal. Stranger>Cumberland. VG - 45 min.
12-08-84 JGB Seattle, Wa. How sweet it is, They love each other, Twist of fate, Run for the roses, Deal. Cats under the stars, Love in the afternoon, Rubin & Cherise, Gomorrah, Midnight moonlight. Great 90 min. 12-28-84 Civic Aud. San Francisco, Ca. Both sets Touch>Greatest Story, Dire Wolf, Tons of Steel, Ain't superstious>Meet me on the Bottom>Dupree's, Me & My Uncle>Mexicali Blues, West LA>Might as Well. China>Rider, LL Rain, He's Gone>Spoonful>Drums>Other One>Wharf Rat>Sugar Magnolia. Day Tripper!! VG - 180 min. 12-29-84 Civic Aud. San Francisco, Ca. Both sets Saturday Night, FOTD, Esau, Big RR Blues, Cassidy, Althea, Let it Grow. Samson, Terrapin>Playin'>Drums>Truckin'>Stella Blue>Not Fade Away. Brokedown. VG - 180 min.
06-16-85 Greek Theater, Berkeley, Ca. 2nd set & Encore Scarlet>Fire>Samson, Cryptical>Other One>Cryptical>Drums>GDTRFB>Miracle>Wharf Rat>Lovelight. Brokedown. VG - 90 min. 06-21-85 Alpine Valley Amp. East Troy, Wi. Both Sets Cold Rain & Snow>Ain't Superstious>Meet Me on the Bottom, Stagger Lee, Mama Tried>Mexicali, Bird Song>LL Rain>Day Job. Woman-R-Smarter>GDTRFB>Estimated>Eyes> Drums>Truckin'>Black Peter>Around>Sugar Magnolia. Baby Blue. VG Board 160 min. 06-22-85 Alpine Valley Amp. East Troy, WI. 1st set Bucket>Sugaree, Walkin' Blues>Candyman>All Over Now, Althea, Cassidy, BE Woman, Saturday Night. VG Board 75 min. 06-24-85 River Bend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH. 1st set Alabama>Greatest, TLEO, Minglewood, Tenn. Jed, Bro. Esau, Loser, Let it Grow. VG Aud. 70 min. 06-25-85+ Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH. 1st set Day Tripper>West LA>CC Rider, Dire Wolf, BIODTL>Row Jimmy, Me & My Uncle>Big River, Big RR Blues, Jack Straw>Might as Well. VG 70 min. 07-13-85 County Fairgrounds, Ventura, CA. 2nd set Touch>Woman>Terrapin>Drums>Wheel>Cryptical>Other One>Comes a Time>Around>Sugar Magnolia. 4th 0r 5th Gen. Pretty Good 90 min. 09-02-85+ Zoo Amp, Okla. City, OK. Both sets Bertha>Greatest, West LA, Mama tried>Me & My Uncle, Stagger Lee>Iko, Minglewood, Ramble on Rose, Bucket. China>Rider>Woman, Ship of fools, Playin'>Drums>Miracle>China doll> Around>Good Lovin'. Day Job. 2nd Gen Aud. VG 160 min. 09-03-85+ Starlight Amp, Kansas City, MO. Both Sets Stranger>TLEO, R Rooster, Dire Wolf, Cassidy, Big RR Blues, Music>Don't Ease. Cryptical> Other One>Cryptical>Eyes>Don't Need Love>Drums>Nobody's Fault>Truckin'>Smokestack> Comes a Time>Lovelight. Baby Blue. 2nd Gen Aud VG 150 min. 09-05-85 Red Rocks Amp, Morrison, CO. Both sets Cold Rain, CC Rider, Candyman, BIODTL, Stagger Lee, Me & My Uncle>Big River, Peggy-O, Let it Grow. Scarlet>Fire, Estimated>Eyes>Drums>Gimme Some Lovin'>Wharf Rat>Sugar Magnolia. Brokedown Palace. 2nd Gen Aud? VG 160 min. 09-06-85 Red Rocks Amp, Morrison, CO. Both sets Bucket>Sugaree, All Over Now, Bird Song, El Paso, Don't Ease. Iko, LL Rain, He's Gone>Spoonful>Drums>Wheel>Bl. Peter>Throwin'>NFA. US Blues. 2nd Gen Aud VG 150 min. 09-15-85 Devore Field, Chula Vista, CA. 1st set. Alabama>Promised, West LA, Mama Tried>Big River, Dupree's, Smokestack>Deal. VG Board 65 min. 10-16-85 JGB The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA. Acoustic Garcia & Kahn. Most of 1st, All of 2nd Deep Elem Blues, FOTD, Little Sadie, She Belongs to ME, Jack a-Roe, Reuben & Cherise. Masterpiece, All Around This World, Run for the Roses, Bird Song, Gommorah, Ripple. VG Board 90 min. 10-31-85 Carolina Coliseum Arena, Columbia, SC. 1st & 2nd Opener Space>Werewolves of London>Music, West LA, Mama Tried>Mexicali Blues, Tenn Jed, LL Rain>Might as Well. Shakedown>Playin'>Ship of Fools> VG Board? 90 min. 11-01-85 Richmond Coliseum, Richmond, VA. 1st & End 2nd Dancin'>Cold Rain, R Rooster, Stagger Lee, Me & My Uncle>Big River, BE Woman, Jack Straw>Don't Ease. She Belongs to Me>Gloria. Day Job. VG Board? This one sounds a little fast to my ear. 90 min. 11-04-85+ The Centrum, Worcester, MA. 1st set Alabama>Promised, Must have been the Roses, El Paso, West LA, Minglewood, Big RR Blues, Music>Might as Well. VG Board 70 min. 11-08-85+ War Mem, Rochester, NY. Filler on 11/4/85 She Belongs to Me>Sugar Magnolia. Satisfaction. Revolution. VG Board 30 min. 11-10-85 Brenden Byrne Arena, E. Rutherford,NJ End 2nd set Truckin'>Comes a Time>Around>Good Love. Baby Blue. VG 40 min. 11-11-85 Brenden Byrne Arena, E. Rutherford,NJ Most of 1st & 2nd set Walkin' the Dog>Deal, Minglewood, Althea, Me & My Uncle>Big River, LL Rain>Don't Ease. Scarlet>Fire, Estimated>Eyes>Drums>Mr. Fantasy>GDTRFB>Throwin'>Lovelight. Brokedown. VG 140 min. 11-21-85 H.J. Kaiser, Oakland, CA. Most of the 1st & Complete 2nd Two different Sources Big Boy Pete, Dire Wolf, R Rooster, BE Woman, Stagger Lee. Shakedown>Crazy Fingers>Playin'>She Belongs to Me>Drums>Other One>Wharf Rat>Playin'>Gimme Some Lovin'>Midnight Hour. Walkin' the Dog. The first source sounds a little fast, but the Big Boy Pete is the first one since 1966!! 90 min. The second sounds Much better but is 2nd set only and is lacking the Encore 90 min 12-30-85 Oakland Col. Arena, Oakland, CA. 2nd set Quinn>Samson>He's Gone>Miracle>Crazy Fingers>Drums>Other One>Wharf Rat>Sugar Magnolia. Baby Blue. VG 90 min. 12-31-85 Oakland Col. Arena, Oakland, CA. 1st & part of 2nd set NFA>Touch, Tons of steel, CC Rider, Dupree's, Cassidy, BE Woman, Let it Grow. Midnight Hour>Sugaree, Woman -R-Smarter. 1st Gen Aud. 90 min. 02-08-86 Henry J Kaiser Convention Center, Oakland, Ca. 1st & 1/2 the 2nd Iko, Rooster>Peggy-o, BIODTL>Stagger Lee, All over now>Bertha>Sat. Night. Half step>Franklin's>Playin'>China doll>Drums> VG 90 min 02-11-86 Henry J Kaiser Convention Center, Oakland, Ca. end 1st & all 2nd Music>Might as well. Drums*>Iko*>Eyes*>Drums>Truckin'>Stella>NFA. NFA*>Bo Diddley*>GDTRFB*. VG 3rd gen aud. 90 min *with members of The Neville Bros. 02-12-86 Henry J Kaiser Convention Center, Oakland, Ca. 2nd set Scarlet>Fire>Estimated>Drums*>Hand Jive*>Wheel>Midnight hour*>Johnny B Goode*. US Blues 03-19-86+ Hampton Coliseum, Virginia. 1st set Bucket, Stagger Lee, CC Rider, Cold rain & snow, BIODTL, Big RR Blues, LL Rain, Visions of Johanna, Music never stopped>Don't ease. From LP! VG 90 min. 03-28-86 Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, Maine. Part of 1st, 2nd set Althea, Box of rain. Playin'>Franklin's>Miracle>Playin'>Drums>Dear Mr Fantasy>Playin'>Around>Good love. Baby Blue. VG 90 min. 04-12-86 Filler on 5/3/86 Hand Jive! 04-21-86 Filler on 5/3/86 Desolation Row! 04-22-86 Filler on 5/3/86 Box of rain>Visions of Johanna!! 05-03-86+ Cal. Expo, Sacramento, Ca. 1st set Cold rain & snow>Race is on, TLEO, CC Rider, High time, BIODTL>Promised land>Deal. VG 70 min. 05-11-86 Frost Amp. Palo Alto, Ca. 2nd set Samson, Crazy fingers>He's gone>Smokestack lightning>Drums>Other one>Comes a time>Around>NFA. Miracle>US Blues. Great set but sounds a little fast to me, 100 min. 06-21-86 Greek Theater, Berkeley, Ca. 2nd set Saint>Gimme some lovin'>He's gone>Smokestack>Drums>Other one>Wharf rat>Throwing stones>NFA. Brokedown. VG 90 min. 06-28-86 Alpine Valley, East Troy, Wi. Both sets Bucket, Ramble on rose, CC Rider, Row Jimmy, BIODTL, Touch of grey, LL rain>Don't ease. Playin'>Uncle John's>Jam>Drums>China doll>Playin'>GDTRFB>Lovelight. Saturday night>Baby blue. VG 150 min. 12-31-86 HJ Kaiser, Oakland, Ca. 1st & 3rd sets Jack Straw, Sugaree, Me & my Uncle>Mexicali, Candyman, Desolation row, US Blues<. Gimme some lovin', Push comes shove, Box of rain, Midnight hour, Brokedown Palace. VG FM 80 min.
01-28-87 Civic Center, SF,Ca. Get Back!! filler on 6/25/88 03-30-87 Spectrum, Philadelphia,Pa. 1st set part of 2nd Shakedown, It's all over now, Stagger Lee, Good times, Box of rain, Loser, Cassidy. >Throwin'>NFA. Baby Blue. 90 min. 04-18-87 Irvine Meadows,Ca. 1st & 2nd Bucket, Sugaree, Me & my uncle>Mexicali, West LA, Far from me, Row Jimmy, Let it grow>Don't ease. Iko, Playin'>Terripin>Drumz>Gimme some lovin'>Morning dew>Throwin'>Lovelight. Black Muddy. VG 2nd gens 180 min. 05-10-87+ Laguna Seca Raceway, near Monterey, Ca. 1st & 2nd Half step>Stranger, West LA, Minglewood, Row Jimmy, Box of rain>Desolation row>Don't ease. Bucket, Scarlet>Fire, Woman R smarter>Drumz>China doll>Playin'>Throwin'>Lovelight. NFA>Black Muddy. VG 170 min 06-12-87+ County Fairgrounds, Ventura, Ca. 1st & 2nd Jack Straw, West LA, Mama tried>Big river, Candyman, Brother Esau, Bird song, Desolation row>Don't ease. China>Rider>Far from me, Woman R>He's gone>Drumz>Wheel>Miracle>Black Peter>Around>Good Lovin'. Touch of grey VG low gen aud/rec 160 min. 06-13-87+ County Fairgrounds, Ventura, Ca. 1st & 2nd Half step>Walkin' blues, Row Jimmy, Masterpiece*(first time!), Push comes shove, Cassidy, Friend of the devil, Let it grow. Shakedown, Saint, Ship of fools, Estimated>Eyes>Drumz>Other one>Morning dew>Sugar Magnolia. Black Muddy River. VG 170! 06-14-87+ County Fairgrounds, Ventura, Ca. 1st & 2nd Bucket>Sugaree, Tons of steel, Ramble on Rose, Me & my uncle>Mexicali, Althea, Stranger>Might as well! Scarlet>Fire, Playin'>Terrapin>Drumz>Truckin'>Wharf rat>Throwin'>NFA. Mighty Quinn!!! VG 170 min. 06-19-87 Greek Theater, Berkeley, Ca. 1st & 2nd Touch, R Rooster, Cold rain & snow, Mama tried>Big river, Brown eyed woman, Desolation row, Push comes shove, Music never stopped. Bertha>Greatest story, Must of been the roses, Samson, Terrapin>Drumz>Miracle>GDTRFB>Stella Blue>Lovelight. Black Muddy. Pretty good 1st gen! 180 min. 06-20-87 Greek Theater, Berkeley, Ca. 2nd set Space>Iko, LL Rain, Deal>Drumz>Gimme some lovin'>Watchtower!(first time)>Wheel>Other one>Wharf rat>Sugar Magnolia. VG 90 min. 06-21-87 Greek Theater, Berkeley, Ca. 2nd Set Woman R smarter>Crazy fingers>Saint>China doll>Playin'>Drumz>Masterpiece>Black Peter>Throwin'>NFA. VG 90 min. 06-26-87 Alpine Valley, East Troy, Wi. 1st & 2nd Stranger> Franklin's, Walkin' blues, Row Jimmy, Tons of steel, Push come shove, Cassidy, Deal. China>Rider, Estimated>Eyes>Drums>Gimme some lovin'>Wheel>Watchtower>Black Peter>Around>Sugar magnolia. Touch of grey. Pretty good 1st gen! 180 min. 06-27-87 Alpine Valley, East Troy, Wi. 2nd set Uncle John's>Playin'>Terrapin>Drumz>Truckin'>Other one>Wharf rat>Lovelight. VG 90 min. (also filler on 6/28/87 from 1st Friend of the devil, Tom Thumb's)(and on 7/6/87 West LA, Brother Esau, Tenn Jed>Let it grow) 06-28-87 Alpine Valley, East Troy, Wi. 1st set Bucket, Sugaree, Me & my uncle>Mexicali, Althea, Red Rooster, Bird song, Jack Straw! Enc. Mighty Quinn!! VG 75 min. 06-30-87 Toronto, Ontario. 1st set Touch of grey, Greatest story, Loser, Minglewood, Candyman, Far from me, Mama tried>Big river, Ramble on rose, Masterpiece, Don't ease. VG 90 min 07-04-87+ Schaefer Stadium, Foxboro, Ma. Dead & Dylan Set Times are a changin', Man of peace, I'll be your baby tonight*, John Brown, I want you, Thin man, Memphis blues again, Queen Jane , Chimes of Freedom, Slow train, Joey, Watchtower. Heaven's door. VG 60 min. * Jerry on Pedal steel!! 07-06-87+ Civic Center, Pittsburg, Pa. 1st & 2nd Stranger>Frankin's, Minglewood, Row Jimmy, Far from me, Stagger Lee, Desolation row>Don't ease. Shakedown>Samson, Iko*>Day-o*>Woman R smarter*>Drumz>Knockin'*>Good lovin'*. Johnny B Goode* VG 160 min *with Neville Brothers!! 07-07-87 Civic Center, Roanoke, Va. 1st & 2nd Half step, Walkin' blues, Candyman, Brother Esau, Push come shove, Me & my uncle>Mexicali, Bird song, Promised land. West LA, Cumberland blues, LL rain, Eyes>Drumz>Wheel>Gimme some lovin'>Morning dew>Lovelight. US blues. VG 155 min. 07-08-87 Civic Center, Roanoke, Va. 1st & 2nd Bucket>Sugaree, All over now, Dupree's diamond blues, Good times, Masterpiece, Big RR blues, Let it grow. Scarlet>Fire>Estimated>He's gone>Drumz>Crazy fingers>Truckin'>Comes a time>Sugar magnolia. Black muddy. VG 160 min. 07-10-87 Dylan & the Dead, JFK Stadium, Philadelphia,Pa. Tangled up in blue, I'll be your baby tonight^, Man of Peace, Frankie Lee & Judas Priest, John Brown, Simple twist of fate, Memphis blues again, Chimes of freedom, Serve somebody, Joey, All along the watchtower. Knockin'*, Touch of grey** missing Ballad of a thin man, & Queen Jane. ^Jerry on pedal steel *from 02-12-89 Dylan joining the Dead in Inglewood,Ca. **from unknown 87? 07-12-87+ Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ Dead & Dylan Set Slow train, Memphis blues, Tomorrow is a long time*, Hwy 61, Baby blue, Thin man , John Brown, Wicked messanger, Queen Jane, Chimes of Freedom, Joey, Watchtower, Times they are a changin'. Touch of grey, Knockin'. VG 90 min. *Jerry on Pedal Steel!! 07-19-87+ Autzen Stadium, Eugene, Or. 1st, 2nd & Dylan Set Iko, Stranger>Franklin's, Minglewood, Peggy-O, Masterpiece, West LA, Let it grow. Gimme some lovin>Playin'>He's gone>Spoonful>Drums>Wheel>Truckin'>Wharf rat>Lovelight. Maggie's farm, Dead man, Watching the river flow, Simple twist of fate, Frankie Lee & Judas Priest, Memphis blues again, Heart of mine, Baby blue, Rainy day woman, Queen Jane, Thin man, Hwy 61, Tangled up in blue. Touch of grey, Watchtower. VG 90 min. 07-24-87+ Alameda Stadium, Oakland, Ca. Dead & Dylan Set Times are a changin', Man of peace, Maggie's farm, I'll be your baby tonight*, I want you, Hwy 61, Baby blue, Memphis blues again, Thin man, Shelter from the storm, Slow train, Knockin'. Touch of grey, Watchtower. VG 90 min. * Jerry on Pedal Steel!! 07-26-87+ Anaheim Stadium, Ca. Dead & Dylan Set Mr Tambourine man, Dead man, Maggie's farm, Twist of fate, Watching the river flow, Baby blue, Chimes of Freedom, Queen Jane, Memphis blues, Thin man, Rainy day woman, Serve somebody, Watchtower. VG 90 min. 08-12-87 Red Rocks Amp, Morrison, Co. 1st set Bucket>Sugaree, Good times, Cumberland blues>Mexicali, Friend of the devil, Brother Esau, Bird song, Music never stopped. VG 75 min. 08-13-87 Red Rocks Amp, Morrison, Co. 2nd set Uncle John's>Estimated>He's gone>Drumz>Wheel>Gimme some lovin'>Stella Blue>Throwin'>NFA. NFA>Touch of grey>Knockin'. VG 90 min. 08-22-87+ Calaveras County Fairgrounds, Angels Camp, Ca. Touch>Rooster, Tons of steel, FOTD, Brother Esau, Tenn Jed, Masterpiece, Bird song, Good morning little schoolgirl*, Midnight hour*. Bucket, Push come shove, Estimated>Eyes>Drumz>Other one>GDTRFB>Throwin'>Lovelight. US Blues. VG 180 min. *with Carlos Santana!! 08-23-87+ Calaveras County Fairgrounds, Angels Camp, Ca. 1st & 2nd sets Box of rain>Jack Straw, West LA, Me & my uncle>Mexicali, High time!, Walkin' blues, Iko*, Watchtower*. Scarlet>Fire, Plyin'>Drumz>Miracle>Mr Fantasy>Playin'>Morning dew. NFA>Brokedown. VG 180 min. *with Carlos Santana!! 09-13-87+ Capital Center, Landover, Md. 2nd set Scarlet>Fire>Playin'>Drumz>Other one>Stella Blue>Throwin'>Good love>La Bamba>Good love. Knockin'. VG 90 min. 09-18-87 Madison Sq.Garden, NY,NY. 2nd set Shakedown>Woman R>Terrapin>Drumz>GDTRFB>Watchtower>Morning dew>Good love>La Bamba>Good love. Knockin'. VG 90 min. 09-23-87 Spectrum, Philadelphia,Pa. 2nd set Bertha>Cumberland>Playin'>Uncle John's>Drumz>Miracle>Mr Fantasy>Around>Good love>La Bamba>Good love. US Blues. VG 90 min. 10-03-87 Shoreline Amp. Mt.View, Ca. 1st & most of 2nd Hey pockey way, Minglewood, Candyman, Masterpiece, West LA, Brother Esau, Bird song. Maggie's farm>Cumberland, LL rain>Terrapin, Other one>Throwin' stones. VG 120 min. 10-04-87 Shoreline Amp. Mt.View, Ca. both sets Jack straw, Push come shove, Walkin' blues, High time, Desolation row, Iko. Bucket, Devil with the blue dress>Good golly miss molly>blue dress, Estimated>Eyes>Drums>Miracle>Mr. Fantasy>Wharf rat>NFA. Touch of grey, Brokedown. VG 130 min.

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