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1988 thru 2005

I would like to credit my friends Mike Darby & Rob Walker
for most of my 1st gens!!  Thanks guys!! 
Last updated 08-10-05

03-17-88+   HJ Kaiser Arena, Oakland, Ca.  2nd set
Mr Fantasy>Hey Jude reprise! Black Muddy.  VG Board 90 min. 

03-26-88+   Coliseum, Hampton,Va.  1st & 2nd set   
Bucket>Sugaree, Stir it up, Minglewood, Peggy-O, 
Mexicali>Big river, Row Jimmy, Memphis blues again, 
Might as well.  China>Rider>Playin'>Uncle John's>
Drumz>Gimme some lovin'>Wheel>Watchtower>Black Peter>
Saturday night. Knockin'.  VG 180 min.

03-27-88+   Coliseum, Hampton,Va.  1st set & part of 2nd    
Iko, R Rooster, Stagger Lee, Thin man>Cumberland>Me & my uncle>
To lay me down>Let it grow.  Miles Davis jam>Sugar Magnolia>
Fire on the Mt. VG 90 min.

03-28-88+   Coliseum, Hampton,Va.  1st set   
Stranger>Franklin's, Box of rain, Push come shove, 
Walkin' blues, Must of been the roses, Masterpiece>
Bird song, Music never stopped.  VG 90 min.

04-14-88+   Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont,Il.  2nd set & end of 1st 
Box of rain, Iko, Estimated>Eyes>Drumz>Wheel>Gimme some lovin>
Black Peter>Throwin'>NFA. Black Muddy.  Great! 90 min.  (filler on 4/15/88 #1  Masterpiece, Bird song>Promised land.)

04-15-88+   Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont,Il.  1st & 2nd set 
Scarlet>Fire, Walkin', Candyman, Louie Louie>Cumberland blues,
Memphis blues again>Deal.  Bucket>Crazy fingers, LL rain,
Terrapin>Drumz>Other one>Miracle>Mr Fantasy>Hey Jude>Lovelight<  VG 150 min.

04-22-88+   Irvine Meadows, Irvine,Ca.  2nd set   
China>Rider, Louie Louie, Estimated>He's gone>Drumz>Wheel>
Gimme some lovin'>Watchtower>Sugar magnolia. Black muddy.  VG 90 min.

04-30-88    Frost Amp, Palo Alto,Ca.  2nd set   
Shakedown>Woman R>Ship of fools>Playin'>Drumz>GDTRFB>
Watchtower>Black Peter>Sugar Magnolia. VG 90 min. 
(also from 1st- Pockey way & encore - China>Rider>Saturday night!! filler on 6/28/88)

05-01-88    Frost Amp, Palo Alto,Ca.  2nd set   
Louie Louie, Truckin'>Crazy fingers>Samson>Eyes>
Drumz>Other one>Wharf rat>Throwin'>Lovelight.  VG 90 min.

06-20-88    Alpine Valley, East Troy,Wi.   1st & 2nd set   
Jack Straw, Box of rain, West LA, Memphis blues again, Loser,
Cassidy>Don't ease.  Victim>Cumberland, Blow away, Ship of fools>
Truckin'>Terrapin>Drumz>Other one>Wharf rat>Around>
Good lovin. US blues.  Great 3rd gen audience 150 min.
06-22-88    Alpine Valley, East Troy,Wi.   2nd set   
Foolish>LL rain, Scarlet>Take you home>Drumz>Wheel>
Stella>Lovelight.  Mighty Quinn.  pretty good  90 min.

06-23-88+   Alpine Valley, East Troy,Wi.   2nd set   
Hey Pockey Way! Believe it or not, Woman R>He's gone>
Drumz>Miracle>Gimme some lovin'>Watchtower>Morning dew.
Blackbird>Brokedown.  Great 3rd gen aud. 90 min.

06-25-88    Buckeye Lake, Hebron,Oh.  1st & 2nd sets
Stranger>Franklin's, Box of rain, Sugaree*, Memphis blues again*, 
West LA, Cassidy, Deal.  Victim, Blow away>Foolish heart>
Terrapin>Other one>Wharf rat>Throwin'>NFA. Knockin'.  
VG 170 min.  *with Bruce Hornsby on accordion

06-26-88+   Civic Center, Pittsburg,Pa.  1st set   
Half step>R Rooster, Push come shove, Mama tried>Big river>
Cumberland blues, Gentleman start your engines, RR blues, 
Music never. Black muddy.  VG 90 min.
06-28-88    Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY.  1st & 2nd sets   
Bucket>Bertha, Walkin'blues, Candyman, Masterpiece, Row Jimmy, 
Victim, Foolish.  Scarlet>Fire, Estimated>Crazy fingers>
Drumz>Take you home>GDTRFB>Miracle>Stella>NFA. Knockin'.  
VG 160 min.

06-30-88    Silver Stadium, Rochester,NY.  2nd set   
Green Onions>China>Rider, Samson, Believe it or not, Truckin'>
He's gone>Drums>Other one>Wharf rat>Throwin'< 
incomplete but VG 90 min.

07-15-88    Greek Theater, Berkeley, Ca.  1st set   
Shakedown, Walkin', FOTD, Queen Jane, Dire wolf, Good times,
Cassidy>Bertha. Lovelight. VG 90 min.
07-16-88    Greek Theater, Berkeley, Ca.  1st set & parts of 2nd   
Music>Sugaree, R Rooster, Loser, Memphis blues, Far from me, 
Bird song.  China>Rider, Terrapin, Other one. VG 90 min.   
(I will take you home. from 2nd - filler on 4/30/88)

07-17-88    Greek Theater, Berkeley, Ca.  1st & 2nd set   
Foolish>Greatest story, Althea, Me & my uncle>Big river, 
Candyman, Let it grow.  Box of rain, Victim, Crazy fingers>
Playin'>Uncle John's>Drumz>GDTRFB>Watchtower>Believe it or not>
Throwin'>NFA. Blackbird>Brokedown.  VG FM? 180 min.

07-29-88    Laguna Seca Raceway, near Monterey, Ca.  1st & 2nd    
Iko, Walkin', Candyman, Queen Jane, Althea<, Blow away, Cassidy, 
Deal. China>Crazy fingers>Rider, Playin'>Drumz>Wheel>Gimme some lovin'>
Believe it or not>Sugar Magnolia. Black muddy.  Pretty good 180 min.

07-31-88    Laguna Seca Raceway, near Monterey, Ca.  2nd set   
Bucket>Foolish>Woman R>Terrapin>Take you home>Drumz>Other one>
Miracle>Morning dew>Midnight Hour!! Great 80 min.

08-26-88    Tacoma Dome, Tacoma,Wa.  1st & 2nd   
Bucket>Sugaree, Good times, Iko, Walkin', Push come shove, 
Masterpiece, Row Jimmy, Music never stopped.  China>Rider, 
Playin'>Uncle John's>Drums>Touch of grey>Miracle>Black Peter>
Lovelight. Black muddy.  Pretty good 180 min.

08-28-88    Autzen Stadium, Eugene,Or.  1st & 2nd   
Half step, R Rooster, FOTD, Memphis blues again, Foolish heart, 
Victim or the crime, Don't ease.  Jack straw>Bertha, Truckin'>
Terrapin>Drumz>Other one>Wharf rat>Throwin'>NFA. Knockin'.  
VG 160 min.

09-03-88+   Cap. Center, Landover, Md.  the encore! 
Saturday night, Ripple!!!! (filler on 3/28/88)

09-11-88    Spectrum, Philadelphia,Pa.  1st & 2nd   
Iko, Stranger>Franklin's, R Rooster, Peggy-O, Memphis blues again, 
Tenn Jed, Promised land.  Foolish, Victim, Scarlet>Fire>
Drumz>Wheel>Stella>Throwin'>NFA. NFA>Baby blue.  VG 180 min.

10-01-88    Shoreline Amp, Mountain Veiw, Ca.  2nd set   
Victim>Scarlet>Fire>Drumz>Other one>Miracle>Uncle John's>
Morning dew. Saturday night.  VG 90 min.

10-18-88    Lakefront Arena, New Orleans,La.  2nd set & parts of 1st   
Scarlet>Fire, Estimated>Eyes>Drumz>Take you home>Other one>
Wharf rat>Throwin'>NFA.  VG 90 min.  
(also from 1st Peggy-O, Masterpiece. & encore  Iko*>Knockin'* filler on 10/21/88  *with members of the Neville bros & the Bangles)
(filler on 12/29/88 from 1st  Beat it on down the line>Greatest story)

10-21-88    Reunion Arena, Dallas,Tx.  1st & 2nd   
Good times roll, Stranger>Franklin's, Walkin' blues, Believe it or not, 
Memphis blues again, Dupree's diamond blues, Jack straw.  Happy birthday Brentski!!>
Wang dang doodle, Victim>Foolish heart, Woman R>Drums>Take you home>
GDTRFB>Watchtower>Stella blue>Sugar magnolia. Brokedown.  VG 180 min.

12-04-88    Coliseum, Oakland,Ca.  Bridge school Benefit   Garcia, Weir, & Wasserman Acoustic    
Wang dang doodle*, FOTD, Throwin', Ripple.  
On Vidio  *with Neil Young on Harp,  
also Bob Dylan, CSN&Y, Tracy Chapman, Nils Lofgren & Tom Petty 

12-28-88+   Coliseum, Oakland,Ca.  1st & 2nd   
Iko, Walkin', Jack  roe, It's all over now, Push come shove, 
Memphis blues, Bird song, Jack straw.  China>Rider, Estimated>
He's gone>Drumz>Uncle John's>Miracle>Foolish>Lovelight. 
Baby blue.  VG 160 min

12-29-88+   Coliseum, Oakland,Ca.  1st & 2nd   
Bucket>Sugaree, Minglewood, FOTD, Queen Jane, To lay me down>
Let it grow.  Playin'>Crazy fingers>Samson>Eyes>Drumz>
Other one>Stella blue>Throwin'>NFA. Mighty Quinn.  VG 160 min.

02-07-89 HJ Kaiser, Oakland,Ca. 1st set Pockey way, Jack Straw>Loser, Walkin', Little light(first time), Standing on the moon, Memphis blues, Bird song. Knockin'. VG 90 min. 02-10-89 HJ Kaiser, Oakland,Ca. FOTD>Let it grow. filler on 4/9/89 02-12-89+ LA Forum, Englewood,Ca. 1st & 2nd Cold rain, Bucket, Row Jimmy, BIODTL>Promised, West LA, How Long Blues*, Gimme Some Lovin'*. Iko**, Monkey & the Engineer**, Alabama**, Dire Wolf**, Cassidy**, Memphis Blues Again**>Drumz> Other one>Stella>Foolish. NFA**, Knockin'**. Great Board 180 min. *with Spencer Davis **with Bob Dylan- though he only sings on Memphis blues,NFA,Knockin'. 03-30-89 Coliseum, Greensboro, NC. 1st & part of 2nd Bertha>Jack straw, Row Jimmy, Blow away, Masterpiece, Bird song> Promised land. China>Rider, LL rain, He's gone. VG 90 min. 03-31-89 Coliseum, Greensboro, NC. Both sets Bucket, Sugaree, Minglewood blues, Peggy-o, Me & my uncle, Big river, Loser, Victim or the crime, Standing on the moon. Hey pockey way, Truckin', Terrapin, Drums>Space, I will take you home, Watchtower, Morning dew, Good lovin'. Brokedown palace. 2 Great CDs!! 04-03-89 Civic Center, Pittburgh,Pa. 1st set Greatest>Bertha, Walkin', Jack a roe, El Paso, Built to last, Victim, Tom Thumb's>Don't ease. VG 90 min. 04-06-89 Chrystler Arena, Ann Arbor,Mi. 1st & 2nd Touch, R Rooster, BE woman, Mama>Mexicali, Althea, Masterpiece, Bird song, Promised land. Scarlet>Fire, Playin'>Built to last>Drumz>Take you home> Other one Wharf rat>Around>Playin'. Brokedown. VG 3rd gen aud. 180 min. 04-09-89 Freedom Hall, Louisville,Ky. 1st set Bucket>Sugaree, Walkin', Must of been the roses, Me & my uncle> Big river, Ramble on Rose, Desolation row, Foolish heart. VG 80 min. 04-11-89 Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont,Il. 1st & 2nd set Shakedown, R Rooster, FOTD, Victim, Built to last, We can run, Memphis blues, Deal. Samson, Crazy fingers, Playin'> Terrapin>Drumz>Gimme some lovin'>Standing on the moon>Throwin'>NFA. US Blues. VG 1st gen aud. 180 min. 04-12-89+ Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont,Il. 1st & 2nd set Jack straw, Row Jimmy, Minglewood, Tenn Jed, Masterpiece, Cumberland, Let it grow. Touch>Truckin'>Smokestack>Spoonful>Smokestack> He's gone>Drumz>Take you home>Watchtower>Wharf rat>Lovelight. Black Muddy. VG 1st gen aud. 160 min. 04-13-89 Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont,Il. 1st & 2nd set Iko, Greatest story, Peggy-O, All over now, To lay me down, Cassidy, Don't ease. Foolish>LL rain>Eyes>Drumz>Wheel>Miracle>Mr Fantasy> Hey Jude reprise>GDTRFB>Good Lovin'. Baby blue. VG 1st gen aud. 160 min. 04-15-89+ Mecca, Milwaukee,Wi. 1st set Half step, Stranger>Franklin's, Walkin', Push come shove, Queen Jane, Blow away>Promised land. VG 1st gen aud. 80 min.
04-16-89 Mecca, Milwaukee,Wi. 1st set Bucket>TLEO, R Rooster, Stagger lee, Mama>Mexicali, Bird song. Scarlet>Fire, Saint>Truckin'>Drumz>Other one> Stella>Throwin'>Lovelight. Box of rain. VG 1st gen aud. 150 min. 04-17-89 Met Center, Bloomington,Mn. 1st & 2nd set Iko, Minglewood, Row Jimmy, Far from me, Built to last, Victim, Bertha. Cold rain, Samson, Crazy fingers> Estimated>Eyes>Drumz>Wheel>Gimme some lovin'>Wharf rat>NFA. Knockin'. VG 1st gen aud. 160 min. 06-21-89+ Shoreline Amp. Mountain View,Ca. 1st & 2nd set Touch, Minglewood, Ramble on Rose, Box of rain, Dire wolf, Masterpiece, Row Jimmy, Cassidy, Deal. Scarlet>Bucket*, Ship of fools*, Estimated*>Eyes*>Drumz>Truckin'*>Other one*> Morning dew*>Lovelight*. Audio from pay per view, VG 180 min. *with Clarence Clemmmons on Sax 07-15-89 Deer Creek Amp. Noblesville,In. 2nd set Foolish>Victim>Crazy fingers>Truckin'>Smokestack>Drumz>*>China doll> Watchtower>Stella>Sugar magnolia. VG 90 min. *Close encounters of the 3rd kind theme before China doll 08-18-89 Greek Theater, Berkeley, Ca. 2nd set Iko, LL rain, Terrapin>Drumz>Crazy fingers>Miracle> Stella>Throwin'>Lovelight. Bid you goodnight. VG 90 min. 08-19-89 Greek Theater, Berkeley, Ca. 2nd set China>Rider, Playin'>Uncle John's>Drumz>Other one>Wharf rat>NFA. Foolish heart. VG 90 min. 09-29-89+ Shoreline Amp. Mountain View,Ca. 2nd set China>Rider, Blow away, Playin'>Terrapin>Drumz>Miracle> Death Don't Have No Mercy!!>Sugar magnolia. Great Board!! 90 min. last Death Don't 3/21/70 10-16-89+ Brenden Byrne Arena, E. Rutheford,NJ. 2nd set Dark star>Playin'>Uncle John's>Drumz>Take you home>Miracle> Dark star>Attics of my life!>Playin'. Bid you goodnight. Great Board!! Thanks to Bill in Eugene!! 100 min. 10-18-89 Spectrum, Philadelphia,Pa. 2nd set China>Rider, Ship of fools>Woman R>Terrapin>Drumz> Gimme some lovin'>Watchtower>Black Peter>Around>Good lovin'. VG 100 min. 10-22-89 Coliseum, Charlotte, NC. Both sets Foolish heart, Minglewood blues, Half step, Queen Jane, Ramble on Rose, Beat it on down the line, Bird song, Johnny B Goode. Blow away, Samson & Delilah, Help>Slip>Franklin's, Drums>Space, Miracle, Stella Blue, Throwin' stones, Not fade away. Black muddy river. 2 Great CDs!! 12-08-89 Great Western Forum, Inglewood,Ca. 2nd set Help>Slip>Franklin's, LL rain>He's gone>Drumz>Take you home> Other one>Wharf rat>Throwin'>NFA. VG 90 min. 02-26-90 Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, Ca. filler on 2/27/90 Tom Thumb's, Music never stopped>Don't ease. 02-27-90+ Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, Ca. Both sets Let the good times roll, Stranger, Sugaree, Victim, Half step, Masterpiece, Bird song. Drums>Iko>Women R>Standing on the moon> Truckin'>Spoonful>Drums>Other one>Morning dew>Throwin'>NFA. We Bid You Goodnight!! Great Board, Slight dropout during "Good times roll" Merrr! 190 min. 03-14-90+ Capital Center, Landover,Md. 1st & 2nd Cold rain, Stranger, Good times, Mama Tried>Big river, Loose Lucy!!!, Memphis blues, Row Jimmy, Let it grow. Crazy fingers>Playin'> Uncle John's>Playin'>Drumz>Mr Fantasy>Miracle>Black Peter>Lovelight. Black muddy. Great 3rd gen aud. 180 min. 03-15-90+ Capital Center, Landover,Md. 1st & 2nd Jack Straw>Sugaree, Easy to love you, Walkin' blues, Althea, Tom Thumb's blues, Tenn jed, Cassidy>Don't ease. China>Rider, Samson>Terrapin>Jam>Drums>I will take you home> Wharf rat>Throwing stones>NFA. Revolution. 3 cds 03-22-90+ Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Stranger, West LA, Easy to love you, Beat it on down the line, Must of been the roses, Last time, Piccaso moon, Don't ease. Scarlet>Fire, Samson, Believe it or not, Truckin'>Drums>Other one> Hey Jude!!*>Dear Mr Fantasy>Hey Jude Reprise>Sugar Magnolia. Baby blue. 3 cds!! 06-15-90+ Shoreline Amp. Mountain View,Ca. 1st set ] Help>Slip>Franklin's, Minglewood, Little light, Stagger Lee, Desolation row, Ramble on rose, Bucket. Great 1st gen!! 90 min. 06-16-90+ Shoreline Amp. Mountain View,Ca. 2nd set China>Rider, We can run, Estimated>Terrapin>Jam>Drums>China doll> Sugar magnolia. Baby blue. Great 1st gen aud!! 110 min. 06-17-90 Shoreline Amp. Mountain View,Ca. 2nd set Iko, Picasso moon, Ship of fools, Playin'>Eyes>Drumz>Take you home> Miracle>Stella>Throwin'>Lovelight. Great 1st gen!! 110 min. 07-12-90 RFK Stadium, Washington DC 2nd set Box of rain>Victim>Foolish>Dark star>Drumz>Watchtower>Mr Fantasy> Hey Jude reprise>Touch. VG 3rd gen. 100 min. 07-18-90+ Deer Creek Amp. Noblesville,In. 1st & 2nd Help>Slip>Franklin's, Minglewood, Easy to love you, Peggy-O, Masterpiece, BE Woman, Cassidy, Deal. China>Rider>LL rain, Terrapin> Jam>Drumz>Other one>Morning dew. The Weight. Great 1st gen. 180 min. 07-19-90+ Deer Creek Amp. Noblesville,In. 1st & 2nd Jack Straw, TLEO, Desolation row, Row Jimmy, Picasso moon, Althea>Promised land. Victim>Foolish>Playin'>China Doll> Uncle John's>Drumz>Watchtower>Black Peter>NFA. US Blues. Great 1st gen. 180 min. 07-21-90+ World Amp. Tinley Park,Il. 1st & 2nd Touch>Greatest, Jack a roe, Walkin', FOTD, Little light, Queen Jane, Bird song. Scarlet>Fire, Playin'>He's gone>Drumz>Miracle>Crazy fingers> Playin'>Mr Fantasy>Playin'>Saturday Night. Mighty Quinn!! Great 1st gen. 180 min. 07-22-90+ World Amp. Tinley Park,Il. 1st & 2nd Box, Stranger, Loser, BIODTL, West LA, Masterpiece, Far from me, Tenn. Jed, Bucket. Samson,Pockeyway,Estimated>Eyes>Drums> Wheel>Gimme some lovin'>Stella>Throwin'>Lovelight. Knockin'. Great 1st gen. 180 min. 07-23-90+ World Amp. Tinley Park,Il. 1st & 2nd Cold rain & snow, Piccasso moon, Good times blues, Stagger Lee, Cassidy, Truckin'>Smokestack Lightning!! Victim>Foolish heart>Woman R>Terrapin>Drums>Watchtower>SOTM> Around>Good lovin'!! The Weight! Great show, Great recording, 1st gen/Aud. BRENT MYDLAND'S FINAL SHOW!!! WE MISS YOU!!! 09-12-90 Spectrum, Philly,Pa. 1st set & Encore Half step, Walkin' blues, TLEO, Me & my uncle>Big river, High time, Masterpiece, Althea, Let it grow. Brokedown. VG 4th gen. 09-14-90 MSG,NY. filler on 9/12/90 Black throated wind, Jack a roe. 09-20-90 MSG,NY. 2nd set China>Rider>Woman R>Drums>Dark star>Playin'>Dark star>Throwin' stones. 12-12-90 McNichols Arena, Denver, Co. 2nd set China>Rider, LL Rain, Iko>Dark star>Terrapin>Drums>Watchtower> Stella blue>Throwin' stones. Soundboard! 12-13-90 McNichols Arena, Denver, Co. 1st set Jack straw, Sugaree, Wang dang doodle, Friend of the devil, Me & my uncle>Big river, Ramble on rose, Memphis blues again, Valley road. Soundboard! 12-14-90 McNichols Arena, Denver, Co. 2nd set Victim>Foolish>Woman R>He's gone>Drums>Dark star>Miracle> Wharf rat>Lovelight!! VG 1st gen. 12-22-90 JGB San Fran Civic, 2nd set. Way you do the things you do, Lay down Sally, It stoned me, Tore up over you, Waiting for a miracle, Don't let go, Struggling man, Tangled up in blue. DAT 90 min.
1991?? Garcia & Grisman, Jerry's Home (Pizza Discs!!) 2 Discs!! 02-03-91+ Garcia & Grisman! Warfield Theater, SF, Ca. Both sets Walkin' boss, Instr.>When first unto this country, Hansome cabin boy, Love another man, Poison wine, Man of constant sorrow, Sweet sunny south, Two soldiers<, Spring in Cal.,Grateful dawg. The trill is gone, Old rocking chair, So What, Off to sea once more, FOTD, Dawg's waltz, Russian lullaby, Arabia, Eat my dust, Ripple. Great 135 min.
03-18-91 Capital Center, Landover, Md. 2nd set Playin'>Uncle John's>Playin'>Terrapin>Jam>Drumz>Miracle> Stella Blue>Lovelight. Baby blue. Great 1st gen. 90 min. 04-27-91 Silver Bowl, Las Vegas, Nv. 2nd set Sugar Magnolia>Scarlet>Fire>Playin'>Uncle John's>Drumz>Miracle. A little wind but still quite good. 90 min. 04-28-91 Silver Bowl, Las Vegas, Nv. 1st & 2nd set. Jack straw, Candyman, Wang dang doodle, Althea, Me & my uncle> Big river, Bird song*. Foolish Heart>Saint>Crazy fingers> Truckin'>Deal>Drumz>Other one>Wharf rat>Around>Sunshine daydream! *with Carlos Santana VG 1st gen 150 min. 06-22-91 Soldier Field, Chicago, Il. 1st & 2nd set. Bucket, Shakedown, Wang dang doodle, FOTD, Masterpiece, Brown eyed woman, Let it grow. Foolish heart>LL rain>Crazy fingers>Playin'> Terrapin>Jam>Drumz>Dark star jam>Playin'>Black Peter>Saturday night. The weight. VG 1st gen. 200 min. 06-24-91+ Sandstone Amp. Bonner Springs, Ks. 1st & 2nd set. Help>Slip>Franklin's, CC rider>Lot to laugh-Train to cry, Me & my uncle> Big river, Althea, Promised land. China>Rider, Estimated> Supplication jam>Uncle John's>Drumz>Other one>Morning dew. Around. Great 1st gen. 180 min. 06-25-91 Sandstone Amp. Bonner Springs, Ks. 1st set Jack straw>Sugaree, Walkin' blues, Candyman, Memphis blues, Tenn Jed> Music never stopped. Baby blue. Great 1st gen. 90 min. 06-28-91+ Mile High Stadium, Denver, Co. 1st & 2nd set Touch>Greatest story, 1/2 step, Wang dang doodle, Peggy-O, Black throated wind, Iko, Cassidy>Don't ease. Eyes>Picasso moon> Crazy fingers>Saint>Drumz>Miracle>Wharf rat>Throwin'>NFA. Box of rain. Great 1st gen. 200 min. 08-12-91 Cal Expo Amp. Sacramento, Ca. 1st & 2nd set. Iko, Minglewood, Althea, Me & my uncle>Big river, Bird song> Promised land. China>Rider, Playin'>Terrapin>Drumz>Wheel>Miracle> Stella blue>Lovelight. The Weight. VG 1st gen 180 min. 08-13-91 Cal Expo Amp. Sacramento, Ca. 1st & 2nd set. Picasso moon, Sugaree, Walkin' blues, Candyman, Memphis blues, High time, Let it grow. Foolish heart>Saint>Eyes>Drumz> Watchtower>Black Peter>Sugar Magnolia. Black Muddy River. VG 1st gen 180 min. Final Black Muddy Til 1995!! 08-14-91 Cal Expo Amp. Sacramento, Ca. 1st & 2nd set. Touch, R rooster, Loser, Black throated wind, Row Jimmy, Cassidy> Don't ease. Cold rain & snow, Box of rain, LL rain>Crazy fingers> Estimated>Supplication Jam>Uncle John's>Drumz>Other one>Wharf rat> Around. Knockin'. VG 1st gen 200 min. 08-16-91 Shoreline Amp. Mt Veiw, Ca. 2nd set & part of the 1st. Scarlet>Victim>Fire>Truckin'>Drums>Playin' Reprise>Standing on the moon> Good lovin'. VG 1st gen 90 min. (filler on 6/25/91 Ramble on rose, Desolation row.) (filler on 10/28/91 Bertha, All over now) (on 8/22/93 Dark Star>Promised land. US Blues.) 08-17-91 Shoreline Amp. Mt Veiw, Ca. 1st & 2nd set. Help>Slip>Franklin's, Wang dang doodle, Brown eyed woman, Queen Jane, Tenn Jed, Music never stopped. Woman R smarter, Ship of fools, Smokestack>He's Gone>Jam>Drumz>Dark star jam>Morning dew> Saturday night. Baby blue. VG 1st gen 180 min. 08-18-91 Shoreline Amp. Mt Veiw, Ca. 1st & 2nd set. Bucket, Jack a Roe, CC Rider>Lot to laugh-Train to cry, BIODTL, West LA, Masterpiece, Stagger Lee, Johnny B Goode. Deal> Samson & Delilah, Half step>Stranger>Drumz>China doll> GDTRFB>Throwin'>NFA. VG 1st gen 180 min. 09-26-91+ Boston Gardens, Ma. 2nd set & encore Dark Star>Saint>Eyes>Drumz>Other One>Dark Star>Attics>Good Lovin'. Brokedown>We Bid You Goodnight. Great Soundboard!! 90 min. Thanks again Bill, Merr! 10-27-91+ Oakland Coliseum, Ca. most of the 2nd set Iko*>Mona*>Drumz>Wheel>Miracle>Wharf rat>Good lovin'. Knockin'. *with Carlos Santana VG 1st gen 100 min. 10-28-91 Oakland Coliseum, Ca. 1st set & encore Bertha>Greatest story, Peggy-O, Wang dang doodle, Loose lucy, Memphis blues, Bird song. The Weight. VG 1st gen, 90 min. 10-31-91 Oakland Coliseum, Ca. Both sets Help>Slip>Franklin's, R Rooster, Loser, Tom Thumb's, Let it grow. Scarlet>Fire, Truckin'>Spoonful*>Dark Star**>Drumz>Jam*>Dark Star*> Last Time*>SOTM>Throwin'>NFA. Werewolves of London*. VG 1st gen, 190 min. *with Gary Duncan **also with Ken Kesey Narrative. 11-09-91 JGB Hampton, Va. Both sets How sweet it is, He ain't gave you none, Cest la vie(goes to show you never can tell), Run for the roses, Night they drove old dixie down, Second that emotion, Sisters & brothers, No bread in the breadbox. Bright side of the road, Shinning Star, Waiting for a miracle, Think, I shall be released, Don't let go, Midnight moonlight. Missing encore, 1st set is a 1st gen. 180 min. 02-07-92+ JGB H.J. Kaiser Arena, Oakland, Ca. 1st set,2nd opener & encore Cats, He ain't gave you none, Money honey, Lazy bones, Run for the roses, Sisters & brothers, Senor, Deal. Shinning star. What a wonderful world! VG 90 min. 03-13-92 Nassau Col. 2nd set from CD LWTGH>Crazy fingers>Woman R>Wave to the wind>Drumz**>Wheel>Wharf rat> Throwin'>Lovelight. Box of rain! **First Train Whistle!! 90 min. May 7th thru 11th,1992 Garcia & Grisman, a live mix from the Warfield a great disc!! 06-20-92 RFK Stadium, Washington DC 2nd set Corrina>Crazy fingers>Playin'>Uncle John's>Drums> Casey Jones>Throwin'>Saturday night. Baba O'Riley>Tomorrow never knows. VG 90 min. 12-02-92+ McNichols Arena, Denver, Co. Both sets Stranger, TLEO, Same thing, Jack a roe, All over now, So many roads, Let it grow. China>Rider, LWTGH, Truckin'>He's gone>Drumz> Miracle>Wharf rat>Lovelight. Rain***first time!!!!!! Great 1st gen. 200 min. 12-03-92+ McNichols Arena, Denver, Co. Both sets Touch, R Rooster, Peggy-O, Queen Jane, Ramble on Rose, Cassidy>Don't ease. Playin'>Eyes>Corrina>Terrapin>Drumz>Other one>Morning Dew! Gloria!! Great 1st gen. 190 min. 12-05-92 Compton Terrace, Chandler, Az. Filler on 12/6 1st. Let the good times roll, Bucket>Sugaree, Tom Thumb's. 12-06-92+ Compton Terrace, Chandler, Az. Both sets Here Comes Sunshine*!!, Greatest story, FOTD, Me & my Uncle> Maggies farm, Althea, Masterpiece, Deal. Samson, Crazy fingers> Uncle John's>Playin' reprise>Drumz>Last time>China Doll> Throwin'>NFA. Brokedown Palace. VG 1st gen. 190 min.
03-09-93 Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont,Il. Both sets HC Sunshine, Wang dang doodle, Loose Lucy, Me & my uncle>Mexicalli, Broken arrow, Row Jimmy, Eternity, Liberty. China>Rider, Victim> Ship of fools, Playin'>Drums>Last time>Black Peter>Sugar magnolia. Knockin'. Not one of my better 1st gens, This venue is an old Hanger!! 180 min. 03-10-93 Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont,Il. Both sets Stranger, Stagger Lee, Same thing, Peggy-O, Queen Jane, Ramble on Rose, Let it grow. Eyes>LWTGH>Lazy river road>Corrina>Mind left body jam?> Drumz>Wheel>Watchtower>Standing on the moon>NFA. Baby Blue. Pretty good 1st gen. 180 min. 03-11-93 Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont,Il. Both sets Help>Slip>Franklin's, R Rooster, Althea, Masterpiece, So many roads, Music never stopped. Iko, Wave to the wind>Truckin'>Spoonful> He's gone>Drumz*>Other one>Days between>Around. Liberty. *Flibberty Jib & The Island recited by Ken Nordine. 1st gen. 180 min. 03-14-93 Richfield, Oh. 2nd set & parts Touch>Samson>LWTGH>Corrina>Terrapin>Drumz>Miracle>Stella> Throwin'>Lovelight. Filler on Rosemont, Il. 1st sets. Cold rain & snow>Walkin' Blues, Tom Thumb's, I fought the Law** first time!!! 03-24-93 Dean Smith Center, Chapel Hills,NC Jack Straw, Stagger Lee, Wang dang doodle, Must of been the roses, Memphis blues again, Tenn Jed, Let it grow. Here comes sunshine, Playin'>Box of rain>Crazy fingers>Playin'>Drums> Spanish Jam>Goin' down the road feelin' bad>Throwin'> NFA. Lucy in the sky with Diamonds!! 2 great discs 06-15-93+ Freedom Hall, Louisville, Ky. 2nd set & most of 1st Stranger, Althea, Wang dang doodle, FOTD, Desolation row, Don't ease. Victim>Crazy fingers>Estimated>Spoonful>He's gone> Drumz>Last time>Morning Dew!! Gloria!! 06-16-93+ Freedom Hall, Louisville, Ky. Both sets Cold rain & snow>Same thing, Peggy-O, Tom Thumb's, Ramble on Rose, Eternity, Brown eyed woman, Easy answers>Don't ease. Foolish heart> Saint>Lazy River>Corrina>Drumz>Miracle>Stella Blue>Good Lovin'!! I fought the law!! Great 1st gen. 190 min. 06-18-93 Soldier Feild, Chicago,Il. Both sets Bucket>Sugaree, Walkin' blues, Stagger Lee, Queen Jane, Row Jimmy, Music never stopped. Box>Iko>Playin'>Uncle John's>Drumz*> Watchtower>China Doll>Lovelight! Liberty. *Audio from NBA Championship VG 1st gen. 180 min. 06-19-93 Soldier Feild, Chicago,Il. 1st set Touch>R Rooster, Lazy river RD, Me & my uncle>Maggie's farm, Broken arrow>Deal. VG 1st gen 90 min. 06-21-93+ Deer Creek Amp. Noblesville, In. 1st Jack straw>FOTD, Spoonful, Jack A Roe, Black throated wind, Loose Lucy, Eternity, So Many Roads!!>Promised land. VG 1st gen. 90 min. 06-22-93+ Deer Creek Amp. Noblesville, In. 1st set Help>Slip>Franklin's, Wang dang doodle, High Time, All over now, Tom Thumb's, Tenn Jed, Piccaso moon. VG 1st gen. 90 min. 06-23-93+ Deer Creek Amp. Noblesville, In. 1st set Let the good times roll, Bucket, Lazy River RD, Memphis blues, Loser, Broken arrow, Easy answers. VG 1st gen. 90 min. 08-07-93+ JGB Seattle Center Stadium, Wa. 1st & part of 2nd set How sweet it is, Stop that train, Eyes of the maker, Run for the roses, Like a road, Lay down Sally, Sisters & Brothers, Deal. Shinning Star, Waiting for a miracle, Simple twist. Great Aud Recording 110 min. Thanks Mike!! 08-08-93 JGB Portland Meadows, Or. 1st set Cats, Mission in the rain, That's what love will do, It stoned me, Eyes of the maker, Money honey, Sisters & Brothers. Great 60 min. 08-14-93+ JGB Shoreline Amp. Mt Veiw , Ca. 2nd set Shinning Star, C'est la vie, No bread in the breadbox, Wonderful world, Eyes of the maker, Don't let go>Lucky old sun>Midnight moonlight. Great 2nd gen. 08-21-93+ Autzen Stadium, Eugene, Or. 2nd set China>Rider, LWTGH, Truckin'>Good morning little schoolgirl*> Smokestack Lightning*>Drumz>Last time>Standing on the moon> Saturday Night. I Fought the law!! *with Huey Lewis on Harp!! VG 90 min. 08-22-93+ Autzen Stadium, Eugene, Or. 2nd set Help>Slip>Franklin's, Samson, Ship of fools, Corrina> Drumz>Wheel>Miracle>Days between>NFA. Liberty! VG FM 130 min. plus Interveiw with Vince & Phil from backstage 25 min. 09-22-93+ Madison Sq Garden, Ny. 2nd set Easy Answers>Lazy River RD, Estimated>Dark Star>Drumz>Wharf rat> Throwin'>Lovelight. I fought the law. with Dave Murray on sax most of set!! Great Soundboard!! 90 min. 11-12-93 JGB Madison Sq Garden, Ny. 2nd set Shinning Star, C'est la vie, Wonderful world, The maker, Don't let go, Lucky old sun, Tangled up in Blue. Sounds a little fast to my ear! 90 min. 03-23-94 Nassau Colliseum, Uniondale,NY. 1st set Shakedown, R Rooster, Row Jimmy, El Paso, Might as well>Promised land! VG 70 min. 03-30-94 Omni, Atlanta, Ga. Here comes sunshine, Stranger, Jack a roe, Lazy river Rd. * El Paso, New speedway boogie>Promised land. Scarlet Begonias, Fire on the Mt>Playin'>Dark star>Drums>Miracle>Stella blue, Sugar magnolia. 2CDs 06-13-94 Seattle Center, Seattle,Wa. Most of 2nd set. Corrina>Terrapin>Drumz>Miracle>Morning Dew!! U.S.Blues 1st gen aud. 90 min. 06-14-94 Seattle Center, Seattle,Wa. 2nd set. Victim>Lazy river Rd, Somba, Truckin'>That would be something!> Drumz>LWTGH>Standing on the Moon>Sugar Magnolia. 1st gen 90 min. 06-17-94 Autzen Statium, Eugene,Or. Both sets Bertha>Greatest story, Lazy River Rd, Wang dang doodle, Rambin' Rose, Black Throated Wind, Tom Thumb's, Deal. Rain, Eyes, Somba, Saint>Drumz>Wheel>Attics>Throwin'>NFA. U.S.Blues. VG 1st gen Aud. 190 min. 06-18-94 Autzen Statium, Eugene,Or. Both sets Jack Straw, Sugaree, All over now, Tenn Jed, Me & my Uncle> Maggie's farm, Candyman, Easy answers. China>Rider, Woman R> Crazy fingers>Corrina>Drumz>Last time>Days between>Saturday night. I fought the law. VG 1st gen Aud. 190 min. 09-04-94+ Phil & Friends, Berkeley, Ca. KC Moan, Dupree's, Childhoods end, Masterpiece, Attics of my life, Cassidy. VG 30 min. (filler on 5/5/82) 04-02-95 Pyramid, Memphis,Tn. 1st set & 1st half of 2nd. Shakedown, Same thing, Althea, Memphis blues again>Tenn Jed. Promised land. Here comes Sunshine, Eternity, Crazy fingers> Estimated>Drums. VG 1st gen from CD. 100 min. 06-18-95 Giants Stadium, E Rutherford,NJ. end 1st & 2nd set. Eturnity, Deal. China>Rider, LWTGH, Samson, Eyes>Drumz> Spanish Jam>Miracle>Wharf rat>NFA. Lucy in the sky with Diamonds!! VG 90 min. 07-09-95 Soldiers Field, Chicago,Il. Touch of grey, Red Rooster, Lazy river Rd, Masterpiece, Childhood's end, Cumberland blues, Promised land. Shakedown, Samson, So many roads, Samba, Corrina>Drums> Unbroken chain>Sugar magnolia. Bl Muddy river, Box of rain. 3 Discs Phil Lesh & Friends 04-15-99 2 discs 12-31-01 12/31/01 Kaiser Auditorium - Oakland, CA Set 1: Midnight Hour* > Hard To Handle* > Viola Lee Blues> Tons of Steel > Viola Lee Blues > Dear Mr. Fantasy > Viola Lee Blues > Cosmic Charlie. Set 2: Not Fade Away > Truckin' > Playing in the Band > The Wheel > Uncle John's Band (tease) > Sugar Magnolia. Set 3: Help on the Way > Slipknot > Dark Star+ > Terrapin Station+ > No More Do I+ > Uncle John's Band+, E: Celebration > Franklin's Tower *with Susan Tedeschi. 2nd set with Bob Weir, Mickey Hart and Billy Kruetzman. + with Derek Trucks. 4 cds Other Ones 09-09-02 Alpine Valley,Wi. only one disc Ratdog 04-20-00 Colonial Theater, Keene,NH 2 discs 11-30-99 House of Blues, Buena Vista,Fl. 2 discs 02-28-04 Celebrity Theater, Phoenix,Az. 3 discs 02-05-05 Celebrity Theater, Phoenix,Az. 3 discs The Dead 06-20-04 Red Rocks, Morrison,Co. 3 great discs 06-22-04 Cricket Pavillion, Phoenix,Az. 3 great discs 05-26-04 Shoreline Amp. Mountain View,Ca. 3 great discs 06-27-04 Sleep Train Amp. Sacramento,Ca. 3 great discs 07-01-04 Idaho Center, Boise,Id. 3 great discs 07-03-04 The Gorge Amp. George,Wa. 3 great discs 07-28-04 Blossom Music Center, Cleveland,oh. 3 great discs 08-18-04 Verizon Wireless Amp. Charlotte,NC 3 grreat discs 08-19-04 HiFi Buys Amp. Atlanta,Ga, 3 great discs

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