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Beatles as of 08-08-09

The Beatles

Another way of crossing-Abbey road outtakes  Great CD!

On the Rooftop, 1 CD

The Sweetest Apples
1.  Revolution Mix Lennon/McCartney 3:19  "rough early mix". Sounds like the TV version.  
2.  Yer Blues TV Lennon/McCartney 4:02 12 Nov 1968 "Live on TV 12/11/68" With Jagger, Mitchell
    & Clapton for the RNR CIRCUS.  
3.  Not Guilty Alternate Version Harrison 4:24 9 Sep 1968 "White Album outtake recorded 9/9/68 
    (George on vocals)"  
4.  Lady Madonna Alternate Version Lennon/McCartney 2:16  "early different version"
    This is the version with the laughter at the beginning.
5.  Tomorrow Never Knows Mix Lennon/McCartney 2:55  "early mix"
    This is the heavy metal - version.
6.  The Bus Instrumental Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starkey 0:43  "unreleased song from "The
    Magical Mysteray Tour - Sessions" In fact, this is an instrumental.  
7.  Strawberry Fields Forever Take 1 Lennon/McCartney 2:39  "first, different take" This one is 
    found on Anthology 2  
8.  Jealous Guy Early Demo Lennon 4:06  "completely different version of John's later solo single"
    Lyrics are just like the CV version (not the CHILD OF NATURE lyrics)  
9.  3:46 Mucho Mongo Unreleased Lennon  1969 "unreleased songs recorded 1969, arrangements by 
    John & Harry Nilson" To be later released on Nilson 1974 album Mount Elgar Unreleased 
    Lennon/Nilsson  1969 "unreleased songs recorded 1669, arrangements by John & Harry Nilson"
    To be later released on Nilson 1974 album  
10.  Many Rivers To Cross Alternate Version Cliff 4:55 1970 "John's version of the Jimmy- 
     Cliff-classic, recorded in 1970 with Ringo on drums" Sounds a bit like #9 DREAM !  
11.  How Do You Sleep? Alternate Take Lennon 7:58  "early studio live take, John Solo" This one 
     beats the official version by far.
12.  Subterranean Homesick Blues Ad-Lib Dylan 3:13  "coverversion of the Dylan classic, arranged
     by John, Ringo on drums"
13.  The One After 909 Get Back Session Lennon/McCartney 3:01  "completely different version 
     from 1969" They seem to have a real good time (they laugh while playing).
14.  Get Back Get Back Session Lennon/McCartney 2:17 Jan 1969 "rare version sung in German and
     French" Not so rare version in fact (many many times bootlegged).
     German can be heard clearly (even though they make mistakes) but I don't hear a single word
     of French here.  
15.  Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues Get Back Session Roberts/Katz/Clayton 1:52 29 Jan 1969
     "unreleased song from the "Get Back" sessions"
16.  The Walk Get Back Session McCracklin/Gorlic 0:54 27 Jan 1969 "from an early acetate of "Get
     Back", nowhere else available"  
17.  Two Of Us Get Back Session Lennon/McCartney 3:39 1969 "alternative version, John & Paul 
     singing vocal harmonies"  
18.  Don't Let Me Down Alternate Version Lennon/McCartney 3:52  "different, slow blues-version,
     feat. John on the majority of the vocal parts" Not so different.  
19.  Save The Last Dance For Me Get Back Session Pomus/Shuman 0:42 1969 "Get Back Session, jam 
     featuring uncredited guests"
20.  Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da Alternate Version Lennon/McCartney 2:42  "never before released, totally 
     different outtake version"  
21.  Strawberry Fields Forever Alternate Version Lennon/McCartney 3:13  "different, sleepy 
22.  Dig It Alternate Version Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starkey 4:18  "Longer, faster and more
     rhythmic version" This is an edit of the 7-8 minutes long version.  
23.  Let It Be Alternate Version Lennon/McCartney 4:00  "early version in a gospel-mood" 
24.  Her Majesty Alternate Version Lennon/McCartney 2:12  A SURPRISE ! NOT IN BOOKLET.
     Paul repeats lyrics 4-5 times (sometimes in a different order)

More Sweet Apples
1 Helter Skelter   3:39 
2 Magical Mystery Tour   1:39 
3 Strawberry Fields Forever   3:29 
4 Glass Onion   2:54 
5 Aerial Tour Instrumental   2:10 
6 Blue Jay Way   3:45 
7 A Day in the Life   4:24 
8 Across the Universe   3:49 
9 Dear Prudence   3:48 
10 While My Guitar Gently Weeps   3:21 
11 Child of Nature   2:37 
12 While My Guitar Gently Weeps   2:37 
13 Something   5:30 
14 Let It Be   2:54 
15 The Long And Winding Road   3:40 
16 Child Of Nature   1:54 
17 Old Brown Shoe   3:02 
18 Get Back   2:14 
19 Commonwealth Song / Enoch Powell   4:01 
20 No Pakistanis   3:55 
21 I've Got A Feeling   2:50 
22 I Lost My Little Girl   4:08 
23 Watching Rainbows   4:08 
24 All Things Must Pass   3:08 

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