Derek & The Dominos

10-16-70   Electric Factory, Philladelphia, Pa.
           Ramblin' on My Mind, Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad?
           Blues Power, Have You Ever Loved a Woman,
           Mean Old World, Motherless Children, Let it Rain.
           Great CD!
           Several sources refer to this as a soundboard - 
           to my ears, it's clearly an audience recording, albeit
           with no audience noise per se. All instruments have room
           echo, none seem to be close-miked at all, as you would 
           have with a board.

           Luckily, an exceptional performance makes up for a 
           marginal recording. "Ramblin" features some of EC's best 
           slide playing. EC can at times play slide a little too 
           precisely - but in this performance, he exhibits 
           loopy, "out of the box" playing that clearly shows Duane 
           Allman's influence as he dances around all the notes. 
           Also features an incredible solo break on "Why does 
           Love...", following an interesting intro in which EC 
           teases the crowd with a few notes from "Eyesight to the 
           Blind." This show also features the first-ever live 
           performance of "Motherless Children", albeit in raw form.

12-01-70   "Soul Mates" Curtis Hixon Hall, Tampa,Fl.
           Layla, Got to Get Better in a Little While,
           Key to the Highway, Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad,
           Blues Power, Have You Ever Loved a Woman,
           Bottle of Red Wine, Let it Rain. 
           2 Great CDs!!

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