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as of 08-11-09

The Doors _________ 03-07&10-67 "The Complete Matrix Tapes" The Matrix,S.F,CA. Disc One 1.Backdoor Man 2.My Eyes Have Seen You 3.Soul Kitchen 4.Get Off My Life 5.When The Music's Over 6.Close To You 7.Crawling King Snake 8.I Can't See Your Face In My Mind 9.People Are Strange 10.Who Do You Love 11.Alabama Song 12.The Crystal Ship Disc Two 1.Twentieth Century Fox 2.Moonlight Drive 3.Summer's Almost Gone 4.Unhappy Girl 5.Woman In The DevilRock Me 6.Break on Through 7.Light My Fire 8.The End Disc Three 1.My Eyes Have Seen You 2.Soul Kitchen 3.I Can't See Your Face In My Mind 4.People Are Strange 5.When The Music's Over 6.Money 7.Who Do You Love 8.Moonlight Drive Disc Four 1.Summer's Almost Gone 2.I'm A King Bee 3.Gloria 4.Break on Through 5.Summertime 6.Backdoor Man 7.Alabama Song 8.The End Great Soundboard CDs! 07-05-68 Live @ The Hollywood Bowl! Great DVD!!! 9/20/68 Stockholm, Sweden. Five To One, Love Street, Love Me Two Times, When The Musics Over, A Little Game, The Hill Dwellers, Light My Fire, Unknown Soldier. 1 Great CD 02-25-69 Sunset Studios, L.A.(Missing Links) Whiskey, Mystics & Men #1, The Soft Parade Intro #1, Love me tender, Whiskey, Mystics & Men #2, Love Me Tender, Rock is Dead #1, Me and the Devil Blues, Rock is Dead #2, Queen of the Magazines, Pipeline/Rock is Dead #3/Rock Me/Mystery Train/Rock is Dead #4 VG CD!! 07-21-69 Aquarius Theater, Hollywood,Ca. Back door man, Break on thruogh, When the music's over, You make me real, Universal mind, Touch me, Soul kitchen, Close to you, Peace frog(Instrumental), Blue Sunday, Five to one, Celebration, Light my fire. 1 VG CD 05/08/70 Detroit 2 Awesome CDs 8/30/70 Palace of Exile Backdoor Man, Break On Through, When The Musics Over, Ship Of Fools, Roadhouse Blues, Light My Fire, The End-> Crossroads->Lament Of The Indian->The End 1 great disc "Live in Europe 68" Documentry Hosted by Grace Slick & Paul Kanter 1 DVD

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