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Live Grateful Dead as of 04-27-08

Grateful Dead ??-??-66 Pigpen Demo. unknown location 03-12-66 The Danish Center, L.A., Ca. Pico Acid Test Viola Lee Blues, See that my grave is kept clean, I know you rider, You see a broken heart, It's a sin, Beat it on down the line, Jamm>, Next time you see me, Jam>, Death don't have no mercy, Midnight hour, Dancin', He was a friend of mine. Great CD!! 03-17-68 Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco,Ca. Lovelight, That's it for the other one>New potato caboose> China cat>Eleven>Caution>Feedback. Great CD!! 10-13-68 Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco,Ca. Dark Star>St. Stephen>The Eleven>Death Don't Have no Mercy. That's it for the Other One(Cryptical Envelopment> Quodlibet for Tenderfeet>The Faster We Go; The Rounder We Get> We Leave The Castle)>New Potato Caboose! Awesome CD!!! ??-??-69 "Original Sin" St. Stephen, Dupree's Diamond Blues, Rosemary, Doin' the Rag, Mts of the Moon, China Cat Sunflower, What's Become of the Baby, Cosmic Charlie, Dark Star. St. Stephen>Eleven(Rehersal). Remastered!! Awesome CD!! 04-17-69 Washington Univ., St. Louis,Mo. Morning Dew, Schoolgirl, Dark Star>St. Stephen>It's a sin> St. Stephen>Eleven>Lovelight, Cryptical>Drums> Other one>Cryptical>Caution. Great 2 CDs!! 04-21-69 The Ark, Boston,Ma. Hard to Handle, Morning Dew, Cryptical>Drums> Other One>Cryptical>Top of the World, Alligator> Drums>Jam>Doin' that Rag. Foxey Lady Jam, Dark Star>St. Stephen>The Eleven> Lovelight. Viola Lee Blues>Feedback. 3 VG CDs
01-18-70 Springer's Inn, Portland,Or. Cold rain & snow, Big boss man, Mason's children, Black Peter, Dancin' in the streets, Good lovin', China>Rider, Lovelight. 1 GREAT CD 02-04-70 Family Dog at the Great Highway, San Francisco,Ca. Cold rain & snow, Hard to handle, Black Peter, Me & my Uncle, China Cat>I know you Rider. Great CD!! 05-15-70 Fillmore East, New York,Ny. EARLY ACOUSTIC DEAD: DON'T EASE, I KNOW YOU RIDER, THE RUB, FRIEND OF THE DEVIL, LONG BLACK LIMOUSINE, CANDYMAN, CUMBERLAND BLUES, NEW SPEEDWAY BOOGIE, COLD JORDAN. N.R.P.S.: SIX DAYS ON THE ROAD, WATCHA GONNA DO, I DON'T KNOW YOU, HENRY, PORTLAND WOMAN, FAIR CHANCE TO KNOW, Last Lonely Eagle*. EARLY ELECTRIC:Casey Jones, Easy Wind, Attics of My Life, St. Stephen, The Other One, Cosmic Charlie, Minglewood Blues. LATE ACOUSTIC: Ballad of Casey Jones, Silver Threads and Golden Needles, Black Peter, Friend of the Devil, Uncle John's Band, Candyman, She's Mine, Katie Mae, I Hear A Voice Calling. N.R.P.S.: BROWN EYED HANDSOME MAN, LOUISIANA LADY, CAN'T PAY THE PRICE, TRUCK DRIVIN MAN, ALL I EVER WANTED, WORKINGMAN BLUES, HENRY, I DON'T KNOW YOU, LODI, LAST LONELY EAGLE, MAMA TRIED (W/ WEIR), SAWMILL (W/ WEIR), ME & MY UNCLE (W/ WEIR), CONNECTION (W/ WEIR). LATE ELECTRIC: China Cat>I Know You Rider, Cumberland Blues, Hard to Handle, Beat it on Down the Line, Morning Dew, Good Lovin', Dire Wolf, Next Time You See Me, Dark Star>St. Stephen>Not Fade Away>Lovelight. Cold Jordan (W/members of The New Riders of The Purple Sage) With New Riders sets total of 6 Great CDs!! 04-26-71 Fillmore East, N.Y.,Ny. Big Boss Man, Loser, Playin' in the Band, Hard to Handle, Dark Star>Wharf Rat, Casey Jones, Sugar Magnolia (W/Duane Allman) Hurts Me Too (W/Duane Allman), Beat it on Down the Line (W/Duane Allman) China Cat Sunflower. Sing me back home, Not Fade Away>Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad>Not Fade Away, Truckin' (from 4-27-71), Bertha (from 4-27-71) Loser (from 4-27-71), Minglewood Blues (from 4-29-71), Black Peter (from 4-29-71). Soundboard!! 2CDs 10-26-71 The Palestra, Rochester,Ny. Bertha, Playin' in the band, Sugaree, Me & my uncle, Tenn. Jed, Jack straw, Big RR blues, Me & Bobby Mcgee, Cumberland blues, Cold rain & snow, Mexicali blues, Loser, El Paso, Comes a time, Saturday night. Ramble on Rose, Sugar Magnolia, Truckin'>Drums> Other one>Johnny B Goode. 2 GREAT CDs 07-21-72 Paramount Theater, Seattle, Wa. *Sugaree, Black Throated Wind, Cumberland Blues, Me & Bobby McGee, Loser, Mexicali Blues, China Cat>I Know You Rider, Beat it on down the line, Stella Blue, Playin' inthe band, Tenn. Jed. Casey Jones, Me & My Uncle, Deal, Jack Straw, He's Gone>Truckin'>Drumz>Other One>Comes a Time, Sugar Magnolia. Ramble on Rose. +Goin' Down the road feelin' bad>Not fade away. From unknown show You win again, Bird song, Playin' in the band, Morning dew, Uncle John's Band. One More Saturday Night!! From 07-22-72 *Missing Promised Land Opener 09-03-72 Folsom Field, Boulder,Co. Promised land, Sugaree, Me & my Uncle, Tenn Jed, Black throated wind, Bird song. This was given to me labled Wichita,Ks 11-17-72. I later discovered that the first 6 tracks were from Boulder, tracks 7&8 are still unknown location(Jack straw, Box of rain) and the last 3 the opener from Wichita. 1 disc. 11-17-72 Convention Hall, Wichita,Ks. Don't ease me in*, Beat it on down the line*, Brown eyed woman* Big river, China Cat>I know you rider, Around and around, Casey Jones. Cumberland Blues, El Paso, He's Gone> Truckin'>Other one, Brokedown Palace, Sugar Magnolia, Uncle john's Band. Johnny B Goode *These 3 songs are the last 3 on 9/3/72
02-26-73 Perching Aud., Lincoln, NE. Promised land, Deal, Jack Straw, Don't ease me in, Box of rain, China>Rider, LL Rain, Loose Lucy, Beat it on down the line, Row Jimmy, El Paso, Big RR Blues, Playin' in the band. They love each other, Big River, Tenn Jed, Greatest story, Dark star>Eyes of the world>Half step, Me & my uncle, Not fade away>Goin' down the road feelin' bad>Not fade away. 3 cds 06-10-73 RFK Stadium, Washington D.C. Morning Dew, Beat it on Down the Line, Ramble on Rose, Jack Straw, Wave That Flag, Looks Like Rain, Box of Rain, They Love Each Other, The Race is On!, Row Jimmy, El Paso, Bird Song, Playin' in the Band. Eyes of the World>Stella Blue, Big River, Here Comes Sunshine, Around & Around, Dark Star> He's Gone>Wharf Rat>Truckin', Sugar Magnolia, It Takes Alot to Laugh-It Takes A Train To Cry*, That's Alright Mama*, Promised Land*, Not Fade Away*> Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad*>Drums*>Not Fade Away* Johnny B. Goode*. *With Members of The Allman Bros. Band & Merl Saunders 4 Great CDs!! 12-10-73 Charlotte,NC Bertha, Mexicali Blues, Deal, Big river, Don't ease me in, Playin' in the band, Promised land, Peggy-o, Row Jimmy, Me & Bobby Mcgee, Big RR blues, Truckin'>Nobody's fault but mine, Eyes of the world, Brokedown palace, China cat>I know you rider, Sugar magnolia>GDTRFB>Sunshine daydream. Casey Jones. 2 GREAT CDs 03-24-74 Cow Palace, Daly City,Ca. U.S. blues, Promised land, Brown eyed woman, Mexicali blues, Tenn. Jed, Black throated wind, Scarlet begonias Beat it on down the line, Must of been the roses, El Paso, Deal, Cassidy, China>Rider, WRS Prelude>WRS Part 1>Let it grow. Playin'>Uncle John's>Morning dew>Uncle John's>Playin', Ship of fools, Big river, Ramble on Rose, Me & my uncle, Bertha, Around, Wharf rat>Sugar Magnolia, Casey Jones. Saturday night. 3 GREAT CDs 06-18-76 Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ. Music never stopped, Sugaree, Mama tried, Crazy fingers, Big river, Brown eyed woman, looks like rain, Row Jimmy, Cassidy, Mission in the rain, Promised land. Samson & Delilah, Tenn. Jed, St.Stephen>NFA>St. Stephen> Eyes>Drums>Wheel>Sugar Magnolia. U.S. Blues. with bonus tracks from 6/21, Scarlet Begonias, Lazy Lightning>Supplication, Candyman. Playin' in the band>Drums>Wheel>Playin'. from 6/22 High Time! from 6/28 3 GREAT CDS 12-31-76 Cow Palace, Daly City, Ca. Promised Land, Bertha, Mama Tried, They Love Each Other, Looks Like Rain, Deal, Playin' in the Band. Sugar Magnolia>Eyes>Wharf Rat>Drums>Good Lovin'> Samson, Scarlet Begonias, Around>Help>Slip>Drums> Not Fade Away>Morning Dew. Saturday Night. Uncle John's Band>Bid You Goodnight! 3 Great CDs 04-30-77 Palladium, New York,NY. Music never stopped, Bertha, All over now, Deal, Mama tried>Me & my uncle, Peggy-o, Looks like rain, Half step, Promised land. Scarlet>Fire>Good lovin', Friend of the devil, Estimated Prophet, St. Stephen>Not fade away> Stella blue>St. Stephen>Saturday night. Terrapin. plus bonus tracks from 4/29/77 Sugaree, Scarlet>GDTRFB. 2 Great CDs 05-07-77 Boston Garden, 1st half 2nd set Terrapin>Samson, Friend of the Devil, Estimated>Eyes of the World. VG 1 disc 05-08-77 Barton Hall, Cornell Univ. Ithaca, NY >Minglewood, Loser, El Paso, They love each other, Jack Straw, Deal, *, Mama tried, Row Jimmy, Dancin'. Scarlet>Fire, Estimated, St Stephen>NFA>ST Stephen> Morning Dew. Saturday night. Awesome!! beginning of minglewood cuts, missing Lazy lightning>Suppl. & B E Woman. I need a complete copy!! 05-19-77 Fox Theater, Atlanta,Ga. Promised Land, Sugaree>El Paso, Peggy-O, Looks Like Rain, Row Jimmy, Passenger, Loser, Dancin' in the Streets. Samson, Ramble on Rose, Estimated Prophet, Terrapin>Playin'>Uncle John's>Drums>Wheel> China Doll>Playin' Reprise. Great 3 CDs 04-16-78 Huntington, WV. Jack Straw, Dire wolf, Cassidy,Peggy-O, TLEO, Minglewood, Scarlet>Fire, Samson, Ship of fools. Great CD!! 07-05-78 Civic Aud., Omaha,Ne. Sugaree, Beat it on down the line, They love each other, Looks like rain, Dire wolf, All over now, Candyman, Lazy lightning>Supplication. Deal, Samson & Delilah, Ship of fools, Estimated> Eyes of the world>Drums>Wharf rat>Truckin'> Iko Iko>Around. VG Audience recording, 2 discs 11-24-78 Capital Theatre, Passaic,Nj. Jack Straw, Sugaree, Me & My Uncle>Big River, Stagger Lee, Passenger, Candyman, Minglewood Blues. DVD! 09-03-80 Civic Center, Springfield,Ma. Half step>Franklin's tower, Mama tried>Mexicali, Althea>Rooster, Candyman, Easy to love you, Let it grow>Deal. Stranger, High time, Sailor>Saint>Drums>He's gone> Truckin'>Bl Peter>Around>Johnny B Goode. Brokedown. 3rd disc from 9/4 Supplication jam>Estimated>Eyes>Drums>Other one> Wharf rat>GDTRFB>Good lovin'. U.S.Blues 3 GREAT CDs 03-28-81 Essen, Germany 2nd set with Pete Townshend!! Alabama>Greatest Story>Sugaree, Me & My Uncle> Mexicali Blues, Shakedown, Little Red Rooster, Althea>Looks Like Rain>Deal. Samson, Ship of Fools, Estimated>He's Gone> Other one>Drums**>Not Fade Away*>Wharf Rat*> Around*>Good Lovin'*. Saturday Night* *With Pete Townshend **With The Flying Karamozov Brothers From German TV VG 2 DVDs 10-10-82 Frost Amp, Palo Alto, Ca. New Minglewood Blues>Sugaree>Little Red Rooster, Tennessee Jed, Cassidy, Loser, Far From Me, Looks Like Rain>China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider. Playin' in the Band>Crazy Fingers>Lost Sailor> Saint of Circumstance>Touch of Grey>Drums> The Wheel>Throwing Stones>Not Fade Away>Black Peter> Sugar Magnolia. Satisfaction>Baby Blue. 3 Great CDs
11-02-84 Berkeley Comm. Theater, Berkeley, Ca. Jack Straw>Peggy-O, El Paso, Loser, Smokestack Lightning>Spoonful>Smokestack, Iko Iko. Help>Slip>Franklin's>Sailor>Saint>Wharf Rat> Gimme Some Lovin'>Drums>Playin' Reprise> Bertha>Good Lovin'. Casey Jones. 3 Great CDs 11-21-85 H.J. Kaiser Convention Center, Oakland,Ca. Big Boy Pete>Dire Wolf, Little Red Rooster, Brown Eyed Woman, Me & My Uncle>Mexicali Blues, Ramble on Rose>Looks Like Rain>Might as Well. Shakedown>Crazy Fingers>Playin'>She Belongs to Me> Drums>Other One>Wharf Rat>Playin'>Gimme Some Lovin'> Midnight Hour. Walkin' the Dog. 2 Great CDs!!! 03-24-86 Spectrum, Philadelphia,Pa. 2nd set, 1 DVD 03-25-86 Spectrum, Philadelphia,Pa. 2nd set, 1 DVD 07-10-87 Dylan & the Dead, JFK Stadium, Philadelphia,Pa. Tangled up in blue, I'll be your baby tonight^, Man of Peace, Frankie Lee & Judas Priest, John Brown, Simple twist of fate, Memphis blues again, Chimes of freedom, Serve somebody, Joey, All along the watchtower. Knockin'*, Touch of grey** missing Ballad of a thin man, & Queen Jane. ^Jerry on pedal steel *from 02-12-89 Dylan joining the Dead in Inglewood,Ca. **from unknown 87?
03-27-88 Coliseum, Hampton, Va. Iko, Rooster, Stagger Lee, Thin man>Cumberland> Me & my uncle>To lay me down>Let it grow. Space>So what>Sugar magnolia>Scarlet>Fire> Estimsted>Eyes>Drums>GDTRFB>Miracle>Mr.Fantasy> Sunshine daydream. U.S. Blues. billed as "The Warlocks" 3 GREAT CDs 03-31-89 Coliseum, Greensboro, NC. Both sets Bucket, Sugaree, Minglewood blues, Peggy-o, Me & my uncle, Big river, Loser, Victim or the crime, Standing on the moon. Hey pockey way, Truckin', Terrapin, Drums>Space, I will take you home, Watchtower, Morning dew, Good lovin'. Brokedown palace. 2 Great CDs!! 04-02-89 Civic Center, Pittsburg, Pa. Iko, Rooster, Dire wolf, All over now, We can run, Brown eyed woman, Queen Jane, Tenn. Jed>Music never stopped. Shakedown Str., Woman R smart, Foolish heart>Drums> Wheel>Dear Mr Fantasy>Hey Jude finale>Around>GDTRFB> Lovelight. Baby blue! 2 GREAT CDs!! 04-03-89 Civic Center, Pittsburg, Pa. Greatest Story>Bertha>Walkin' blues, Jack a Roe, El Paso, Built to last, Victim or the crime, Tom Thumb's blues, Don't ease me in. Blow away, Estimated>Crazy fingers>Uncle John's>Drumz> Gimme me some lovun'>Miracle>Stella Blue>Sugar magnolia! Johnny B Goode>Black muddy river. 2 Great CDs 10-09-89 Hampton Col., Hampton,Va. 1st set, 1 DVD 10-22-89 Coliseum, Charlotte, NC. Both sets Foolish heart, Minglewood blues, Half step, Queen Jane, Ramble on Rose, Beat it on down the line, Bird song, Johnny B Goode. Blow away, Samson & Delilah, Help>Slip>Franklin's, Drums>Space, Miracle, Stella Blue, Throwin' stones, Not fade away. Black muddy river. 2 Great CDs!! 12-27-89 Oakland Col. 1st set only 1 DVD
03-15-90 Capital Center, Landover,Md. 1st & 2nd Jack Straw>Sugaree, Easy to love you, Walkin' blues, Althea, Tom Thumb's blues, Tenn jed, Cassidy>Don't ease. China>Rider, Samson>Terrapin>Jam>Drums>I will take you home> Wharf rat>Throwing stones>NFA. Revolution. 3 cds 03-22-90 Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Both sets Stranger, West LA, Easy to love you, Beat it on down the line, Must of been the roses, Last time, Picasso moon, Don't ease. Scarlet>Fire, Samson, Believe it or not, Truckin>Drums> Other one>Hey Jude>Mr Fantasy>Hey Jude reprise>Sugar magnolia. Baby Blue. 3 Great Discs 03-28-90 Nassau Coliseum, Ny. 1st & 2nd set, missing 1st song, 2 DVDs 03-30-90 Nassau Coliseum, Ny. 1st & 2nd set, 2 DVDs 07-04-90 Sandstone Amp. Bonner Springs,Ks. Cold rain & snow>Walkin' blues, Half step, Queen Jane, Loose Lucy, All over now, Loser>Promised land. Victim>Foolish>Little Light>Scarlet>Fire>Drumz> Wheel>Gimme some lovin'>Stella Blue>Sugar magnolia. U. S. Blues. 3 Great discs!!
10-20-90 Berlin, Germany with Bruce Hornsby Jack Straw, Half step>Walkin' blues, Friend of the devil, Black throated wind, Jack a Roe, Masterpiece, Let it grow> Jam>Box of rain. Eyes>Samson, Ship of fools, Dark star>Drumz>Dark star> Throwing stones>Not fade away. Saturday night. 2 Great discs 10-31-90 Wembley Arena, London, Eng. Help>Slip>Frankin's, Rooster, Loose Lucy, Me & my uncle> Big river, Must of been the roses, Masterpiece, Bird song> Promised land. Scarlet>Fire, Truckin'>He's gone>Drums>Watchtower>Stella Blue> Around>Good lovin'. Werewolves of London! 2 Great CDS 04-27-91 Sam Boyd Silver Bowl, Las Vegas,Nv. 1st set, 1 DVD 06-19&20-91 Pine Knob Music Theater, Clarkston,Mi. 3 Great CDs 09-12-91 Madison Sq. Garden, Ny. 2nd set only, 1 DVD 03-05-92 Hampton, Va. 2nd set only, 1 DVD 03-06-92 Hampton, Va. 1st & 2nd set, 2 DVDs 05-31-92 Las Vegas,Nv. 2nd set with Steve Miller 1 DVD 03-24-93 Dean Smith Center, Chapel Hills,NC Jack Straw, Stagger Lee, Wang dang doodle, Must of been the roses, Memphis blues again, Tenn Jed, Let it grow. Here comes sunshine, Playin'>Box of rain>Crazy Fingers>Playin'>Drums> Spanish Jam>Goin' down the road feelin' bad> Throwin' Stones>NFA. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds!! 2 smokin'discs 04-02-93 Nassau Col. NY 1st & 2nd set, 2 DVDs 06-15-93 Freedom hall, Louisville,Ky. Stranger, Althea, Wang Dang Doodle, Friend of the devil, Desolation Row! Don't ease me in> Victim>Crazy fingers>Estimated>Spoonful>He's Gone>Drumz> Last time>Morning Dew!! Gloria!! 2 great discs!! 06-16-93 Freedom hall, Louisville,Ky. Cold rain & snow>Same thing, Peggy o, Tom Thumb's, Ramble on Rose, Eternity, Brown eyed woman, Easy answers>Don't ease me in. Foolish Heart, Saint>LAzy river road, Corrina>Drumz> Miracle>Stella Blue>Good Lovin'! I fought the law! 2 great discs!! 03-30-94 Omni, Atlanta, Ga. Here comes sunshine, Stranger, Jack a roe, Lazy river Rd. * El Paso, New speedway boogie>Promised land. Scarlet Begonias, Fire on the Mt>Playin'>Dark star>Drums>Miracle>Stella blue, Sugar magnolia. 2CDs 03-19-95 Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pa. 1st set only, 1st song clipped, 1 DVD 04-01-95 Pyramid, Nashville, Tn. 1st disc only, great show! 07-09-95 Soldiers Field, Chicago,Il. Touch of grey, Red Rooster, Lazy river Rd, Masterpiece, Childhood's end, Cumberland blues, Promised land. Shakedown, Samson, So many roads, Samba, Corrina>Drums> Unbroken chain>Sugar magnolia. Bl Muddy river, Box of rain. 3 Discs

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