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Live JGB as of 08-08-09

Jerry Garcia, JGB, Legion of Mary, Old & in the Way.

06-11-62    Sleepy Hollow Hog Stompers – Boar’s Head Coffee House – San Carlos, CA  1 CD

02/23/63  Jerry Garcia Top of The Tangent – Palo Alto, CA  1 CD

11-23-72   Jerry & Friends?? Austin, Tx.    
           With Lesh, Kreutzman, Leon Russel, Vassar Clements & Doug Sahm.
           3 CDs

01-17-73    JGB, Keystone, Berkeley,Ca.
            Think, Last train, Finders keepers, Jam> 
            1 disc

11-04-73    Old & in the way, Sonoma State Univ. Cotati, Ca.
            Going to the races, Catfish John, Eating out of your hand, 
            Lonesome Fiddle Blues, Land of the Navajo, Jerry's breakdown, 
            Panama Red, Pig in a pen, Fanny hill, Hobo song, Wild Horses, 
            White dove, L.A. cowboy, Tramp on the street*, 
            All around the watertank*, Midnight moonlight*,
            Orange blossom special. *with Jack Elliot, 
            missing 5 songs,  1 disc

08-30-74    Legion of Mary  Freeborn Hall, Davis,Ca.
            Favela, Neighbor Neighbor, Harder they come,
            He Ain't Give You None, Think, LaLa.
            2 Great Soundboard CDs!

11-05-74    Legion of Mary  The Bottom Line, NYC,Ny.
            That's the Touch I Like, Favela, He ain't Give You None,
            You Can Leave Your Hat On, I Second That Emotion,
            La La, Mystery Train, Money Honey.
            2 Great Soundboard CDs!

11-06-74    Legion of Mary  The Bottom Line, NYC,Ny.
            Early Show: Think, Bossa Martin, Second That Emotion,
            You Can Leave Your Hat On!, Someday Baby, Mystery Train,
            The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.
            2 Great Soundboard CDs!  Thanks again Paul!

11-07-74    Legion of Mary  The Bottom Line, NYC,Ny.
            Early Show: It's No Use, Favela, The Harder They Come, 
            Leave Your Hat On, It Takes Alot To Laugh, Mystery Train!
            2 Great Soundboard CDs!

11-08-74    Legion of Mary  The Dome, C.W. Post College, Greenvale,Ny.
            How Sweet It Is, Finders Keepers, It's Too Late,
            You Can Leave Your Hat On, Going Going Gone,
            Favela, Second That Emotion.
            Neighbor Neighbor, La-La, People Make The World Go Round,
            It's No Use, Sitting in Limbo, Mystery Train.
            The beginning of "How sweet it is" is clipped. 
            3 Soundboard CDs!

11-09-74    Legion of Mary  Capitol Theater, Passiac, Nj.
            Late Show: The Harder They Come, Favela, Let It Rock, 
            My Problems Got Problems, He Aint Give You None, La-La, 
            People Make The World Go Round, How Sweet It Is.
            2 Great Soundboard CDs!

11-10-74    Legion of Mary  Palace Theater, Albany,Ny.
            Let It Rock, Expressway, You Can Leave Your Hat On,
            Neighbor Neighbor, Going Going Gone, Mystery Train.
            Roadrunner, Favela, Wondering Why>People Make The World Go Round,
            The Harder They Come, Just Kissed My Baby, Tough Mama,
            How Sweet It Is.
            2 Great Soundboard CDs!

11-14-74    Legion of Mary  Paul's Mall, Boston,Ma.
            Early Show, Favela, Let It Rock, 
            My Problems Got Problems, Mystery Train,
            My Funny Valentine, People Make The World Go Round,
            Just Kissed My Baby, Bossa Martin.
            2 Great Soundboard CDs!

11-29-74    Legion of Mary  Great American Music Hall, S.F,Ca.
            It's No Use, Instrumental Jam, Leave Your Hat On,
            Mystery Train, The Harder They Come, Intrumental Jam>
            Going Going Gone, Instrumental.
            Missing last 3 tracks, VG 2 CDs

12-15-74    Legion of Mary, date & location not certain.
            Dixie down, Bossa Martin, Let it rock, 
            Tore up over you, Let's spend the night together.
            1 disc.

12-31-75    JGB Keystone, Berkeley,Ca.
            Let it Rock, Mother Nature's Son, It's No Use,
            God Save the Queen, They Love Each Other, Pig's Boogie,
            Auld Lang Syne.
            Great CD , show not complete

06-22-79    Jerry's Reconstruction Band, 1 disc.

05-05-82    Garcia & Kahn "Lonesome Prison Blues" Oregon State Penn., Salem, Or.
            Deep Elem Blues, Friend of the Devil, Jack a-Roe,
            Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie, It Takes A Lot To Laugh, A Train To Cry,
            Run for the Roses, Ripple, I've Been All Around This World,
            Valerie, Dire Wolf.  Ruben & Cherise.
            Great CD!!

06-04-82    Garcia & Kahn.  Neighbors of Woodcraft, Portland,Or.
            Early Show: Deep Elem Blues, Dire Wolf, Valerie, 
            Jack A-Roe, All Around This World, Simple Twist of Fate,
            Friend of the Devil, Oh Babe it aint no Lie,
            Ripple. Run for the Roses.
            Late Show: It Takes alot to Laugh, a Train to Cry,
            Stagger Lee, Gomorrah, Little Sadie, To Lay Me Down,
            Deep Elem Blues, Russian Lullaby, Sing Me Back Home,
            Oh Babe it aint no lie, Ripple. Run for the Roses.
            2 Great CDs!! Thanks Travis

09-03-89    JGB  Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pa.  2nd set only, starts middle of 3rd song, 
            Filler from 9/13/87 GD Good love>La Bamba>good love. 1DVD
            Also-Bob Weir & Rob Wasserman opening set. 1DVD

09-07-89    JGB  Meadowlands, E. Rutherford, Nj.  1st& 2nd set, 
            with Clarence Clemons on sax, 2 DVDs

11-16-91    JGB  Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, Ny. 1st & 2nd set, 
            starts middle 2nd song, 2 DVDs 

1991??     Garcia & Grisman, Jerry's Home (Pizza Discs!!)
           2 Discs!!

May 7th thru 11th,1992  Garcia & Grisman, a live mix from the Warfield
a great disc!!

05-24-02    "Old & in the Grey" The Stone Pony, Asbury Park,Nj.
            2nd set only, Great Disc!!

03-17-06    Jackson, Wy.
            No Jerry but a great show! 2 CDs

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