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Leftover Salmon

08-14-00    BarrelHouse Brewing Co. - Cincinnati, OH
            Set 1: Aint Gonna Work, Zombie Jamboree, Other Side, 
            Bend in the River, Place to Lie Down, Euphoria, 
            Cash on the Barrelhead, High Five, Muddy Water Home, 
            Mama Boulet, Breakin Thru, Dance on your Head, 
            Deep Elem Blues, The Boogie.
            Set 2: Better, Another Way to Turn, Doorstep of Trouble,
            Shenandoah Breakdown, Midnight Blues, Ridin on the L&W,
            Nobody's Fault but Mine, Rivers Rising, Big Chief, 
            Funky Bass+Drums > Funky Mountain Fogdown, 
            HonkyTonk Nightime Man > Honky Tonk Woman > I Know My Mo.
            Greg Garrison on Bass for First Set, 
            Tye North for Second Set. 
            3 cds

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