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07-18-98    Carbondale, Il.
            3 Great CDs

03-15-01    Ranch Bowl, Omaha,Ne.   
            Set 1: Take The Skinheads Bowling, Understand, Captain America, 
            32 Things, So Long > Recreational Chemistry.
            Set 2: She Sends Me, Okayalright, Moth > Lazarus, 
            Tambourine, Meat > Moth (reprise).
            E: Spine Of A Dog > Nebraska.
            4 cds

01/13/01 (Sat)  Bearsville Theatre - Woodstock, NY

Set 1: Captain America, Understand, The Faker > Kids*, Can't Seem To Find, NYC, Rebubula

Set 2: Crab Eyes, Plane Crash, Four, Your Living Again, Moth > Kyle > Bring It Back Home, E: The Chicken

Comment: * Called Hey Jason in Albany. 1st set to be broadcast online via WDST radio.

07/20/08 (Sun)  Mangy Moose - Teton Village, WY

Set 1: St. Augustine > Understand > New York City, Lost Along the Way, Timmy Tucker > Bearsong

Set 2: Bring It Back Home > Captain America, Bullet > Timmy Tucker > TheRoad > Time Ed > The Road, E: Wicked Awesome*

Comment: * James Paddock on cowbell, celebrating his 300th show! Congrats James!

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