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WANTED More Live Neil Young!!!

Neil Young on DVD

10-23-86    Cow palace, San Francisco, Ca.
            From Pay per View
            Great DVD!

09-13-89    Jones Beach,NY. 1 DVD

02-04-91    MSG,NY. 1 DVD

Solo Acoustic 1992 1 DVD

On tape & CD(marked with the CD image)

10-24-69   CSN&Y   Detroit,Mi.
           On the way home, Triad, Guinevere, Our house, Country girl, Helpless, Black Queen, 49 bye byes, For what it's worth, Pre road downs, I must learn to live, Long time gone, Woodstock, Down by the river.  VG 70 min.

??-??-70?  Unknown location
           Everybody knows this is nowhere, Winterlong, I'm wonderin', On the way home, Tell me why, The Loner, Cinnamon girl, Down by the river, Southern man, Ohio, Woodstock, Cowgirl in the sand.  VG 65 min.

02-18-71   LA, Ca.    
           On the way home, Tell me why, Old man, Journey thru the past, Needle & the damage done, Ohio, See the sky about to rain, I am a child, See the girl dance, Cowgirl in the sand, Heart of gold, A man needs a maid, Sugar Mt, Don't let it bring you down, Love in mind.   Quite good, Neil talks to the crowd between songs, a fun listen. Sounds like it could have come from Vinyl. 60 min.

??-??-73?  Chrome Dreams Bootleg
           Powderfinger, Captain Kennedy, Pocahontas, Will to love, Sedan Delivery, River of pride(country home), Too far gone, Star of Bethlehem, Like a Hurricane, Look out for my love, Hold back the tears, Homefires, Ride the Llama, Peace of mind, Stringman.  Plus pomo filler - A Great listen 90 min.

01-31-83   Chicago, Il.
           Hey hey my my, Mr. Soul, Comes a time, I am a child, Computer age.  VG 45 min.

08-27-88   With The Blue Notes, Jones Beach Music Center, Wantaugh,NY.

07-03-93   Torhout Rock Fest, Torhout, Belguim.
           Mr Soul, The Loner, Southern man, Helpless, Like a hurricane, Love to burn, Seperate ways, Powderfinger, Only love can break your heart, Harvest moon, Needle & the damage done, Live to ride, Down by the river, Watchtower.  VG 75 min.

08-26-95    With Pearl Jam, Dublin, Ireland
            Big Green Country, Song X, Act Of Love, 
            Downtown, Mr. Soul, Scenery, Comes A Time, 
            The Needle And The Damage Done, Don't Let It Bring You Down,
            Mother Earth, Throw Your Hatred Down.
            Cortez The Killer, Powderfinger,
            Rockin' In The Free World, Like A Hurricane.
            2 Great CDs

06-25-96   "Big Time With Crazy Horse", Stockholm, Sweden
           Country Home, Pocahontas, Stupid Girl, Big Time, 
           Drive Back, I Am A Child, Heart Of Gold, The Loner,
           Fuckin' Up, Cortez The Killer, Scattered.
           Music Arcade, Welfare Mothers, Like A Hurricane,
           Hey Hey My My, Powderfinger, Sedan Delivery,
           The Losing End>Roll Another Number For The Road,
           Rockin' In The Free World, Cinnamon Girl.
           2 Great CDs!!

07-11-97   HORDE Fest, Shoreline Amp, Mt. View, Ca.  
           Acoustic:Heart of gold, Slowpoke, Buffalo Springfield again, Needle & the danage done, Out on the weekend, Long may you run, Pocahontas, Someday, Homegrown.  
           Electric:Cinnamon girl, Big time, Throw your hatred down, Hippie dream, From Hank to Hendrix, Helpless, Slowpoke, Look out for my love, Like a hurricane, Powderfinger, Roll another number, Slip away, Crime in the city, Hey hey my my.   VG 135 min.

04-25-99    Wallingford, Ct.  
            Tell me why, Looking forward, War of man, Out of control, Cortez the killer, Pochahostas, Philadelphia, Homegrown, Daddy went walkin'.   Distant Camera, Ambulance blues, Old King, Long may you run, Slowpoke, Harvest moon, Needle & the damage done, After the gold rush.  Good to see you, Old man.  Sugar mountain!  Levels a little high & a little Aud. chatter but very listenable!!  110 min.

Berkeley 99'  2 CDs

Oakland 99'  2 CDs

Farm Aid Sept. 12,2000
    Neil Young, Dave Matthews Band, Barenaked ladies & Keb' Mo'. 2 Discs

04-22-03    @ The Circus, 2 Great Soundboard CDs!

CSN&Y 04-04-00 Madison Sq. Garden, NY. Carry on, Southern Man, Stand and be counted, Pre-road downs, Heartland, 49 bye byes, Slowpoke, Marrakesh express, Faith in me, Almost cut my hair, Cinnamon girl. Helplessly hoping, Our house, Old man, Dream for him, Looking forward, Someday soon, After the goldrush, Guinnevere, Suite-Judy blue eyes, Out of control, Seen enough, Teach your children, Take me out to the ballgame. Woodstock, Eight miles high, Ohio, Love the one your with, Down by the river, For what it's worth! 3 Discs!! last updated 09-09-09 "If you ever meet Neil, Don't buy him a Heineken. Neil only buys American. I met him after Farm Aid 6 in Aimes,Ia. and found out he would rather drink bud. Too bad they did'nt have a Full Sail or Sam Adams or something.

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