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09-01-69    Texas Int. Pop Fest.
            Dallas International Motor Speedway, Lewisville, Texas
            1. Intro-> M'Lady (7:09)
            2. Sing A Simple Song (5:32)
            3. You Can Make It If You Try (6:24)
            4. Stand-> Love City-> Higher/announcements... (10:14)
            5. Everyday People (3:12)
            6. Dance To The Music-> Music Lover-> raps-> (8:19)
            7. I Wanna Take You Higher-> Jam (9:40)
            Sly Stone - organ, vocals
            Rose Stone - electric piano, vocals
            Freddie Stone - guitar, vocals
            Larry Graham, bass, vocals
            Cynthia Rubinson - trumpet, vocals
            Jerry Martin - sax, vocals
            Greg Errico - drums
            Great Soundboard CD!!

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