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Here's some stuff I'm looking of 01-13-03

Any help in finding any of the following is Greatly Appreciated!!!!

Bob Dylan shows;   *shows I was at  
   06-28-84  Barcelonia, Spain.
   09-22-85  Farm Aid  Champagne,Il.
  *07-18-88  Alpine Valley,Wi. The night before the dead's 4 night stand.
   10-19-88  NYC  He performs  115th Dream, Gates of Eden, Wagoner's Lad & more
  *08-22-89  Sandstone Amp.  Bonner Springs,Ks.  He plays  The Harder they Come!!  
   08-29-89  Las Cruces,NM   El Paso!
   09-12-90  Mesa,Az.   Little Feat's  "Willin'"!!
   10-25-90  Oxford,Mississippi     OXFORD TOWN!! My Head's in Mississippi!!
  *11-01-91  KC,Mo   New Morning, Man in me, Dylan's Dream!!
  *05-30&31-95  Eugene,Or.  Great Shows!!!
  *06-13-99  The Gorge, George,Wa.
  *06-27-99  Desert Sky Pavilion, Phoenix, Az.  Another Great Show!!!!

Dead shows;
  *10-13-81  Russelheim Germany  My first show!! They encored with Satisfaction!!! 
   10-31-83  San Rafeal,Ca.  Final St Stephen!!
  *08-01-92  Jerry 50th Birthday!! or any of the shows from that little west coast JGB tour!!
   03-18 & 19-90 Hartford,Ct.
  *07-04-90 Sandstone Amp!
   07-06-90 Cardinal Stadium, Louisville Ky.
  *May 3rd,4th & 5th,91 Cal Expo,  Also Shoreline the 10th 11th & 12th,1991
  *I need another copy of Sandstone 6/25/91's 2nd set I lost my 1st gen!!  "Comes a Time!!!"
   As you will see I don't have a whole lot in 95', I'd like to fill in that year and any Brent shows I don't have.
  *I need the last show of 94' at the LA Sports Arena, I was in the 2nd row in front of Phil!!
   also I would like to get some Live Other ones. 

I Would love to find some of the Phil & Friends shows with Warren Haynes. 

Any Live Allman Bros, Beatles, Jackson Browne, JJ Cale, Jimmy Cliff, Dr John,
         Gov.Mule, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Little Feat, Bob Marley, 
         Moody Blues, Rolling Stones, Santana, Paul Simon, 
         Pink Floyd, Stringcheese Incident, Tom Petty, Van Morrison, 
         Widespread Panic, Neil Young, & Zero


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