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Last updated 03-06-09

Widespread Panic

07-05-93   H.O.R.D.E. Music Festival, Sandstone Amp.,Bonner Springs,Ks.
           Great disc!

12-31-00     Philips Arena - Atlanta,GA
             LGTSOTR, She Caught the Katy, Trouble, Visiting Day >
             The Waker, Old Joe, Ain't Life Grand. 
             (JB seated, Schools on stand-up bass for 1st 3 songs)
             Disco > Makes Sense to Me, Down > Dyin' Man, Blight >
             Bear's Gone Fishin' > Vacation > Love Tractor >
             Imitation Leather Shoes.
             "Midnight Celebration", Surprise Valley > Pusherman >
             All Time Low, Diner > Casa > Drums > Red Hot Mama >
             Pilgrims > Porch Song, E: Dream Song, Blackout Blues
             2 Great CDs!!

04-28-01    Murphy Center, Murfeesboro, Tn.   
            Set 1: A of D, Papa Legba, Weight Of The World, Impossible, 
            Radio Child, Hatfield, Chilly Water, Old Joe, 
            Imitation Leather Shoes.
            Opening set only 1 cd

08-18-01    Field of Dreams, Larkspur, Co.   
            Set 1: Party At Your Mama's House, Stop Breakin' Down Blues, 
            Tall Boy, Little Lilly, Give, Don't Tell The Band, B of D, 
            Little Kin, Fishwater > Papa Legba > Fishwater.
            Set 2:>Drums, Sometimes, Big Wooly Mammoth, Love Tractor. 
            E: Use Me, Cream Puff War
            2 discs  missing middle disc

08-19-01    Field of Dreams, Larkspur, Co.   
            Set 1: Heaven, The Waker, Tie Your Shoes, Don't Be Denied, 
            North, Action Man, Machine > Barstools and Dreamers,
            Thought Sausage.
            Set 2: Surprise Valley, Casa Del Grillo, Who Do You Belong To?, 
            Visiting Day, I Walk On Guilded Splinters > Drums > 
            All Along The Watchtower, Pigeons, Porch Song. 
            E: Lonely Avenue, Dear Mr. Fantasy
            3 great discs

06-21-02   Bonnaroo Festival, Manchester,TN
           Give, Henry Parsons Died, Hope in a Hopeless World,
           Greta, Little Lilly, Blackout Blues > Down * >
           Sometimes*, Imitation Leather Shoes*.
           Surprise Valley, Driving song > Porch Song > 
           Driving Song > Breathing Slow, All time Low**, 
           Red Hot Mama ** > Fishwater > Drums > Fishwater,
           Pilgrims, Climb to Safety. E: Old Joe, Travelin' Light.
           * With Randall Bramlett on Sax. 
           ** With Memebers of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band and Randall Bramlett on sax
           2Great CDs!!

06-22-02   Bonnaroo Festival, Manchester,TN
           Chilly Water > Makes Sense to Me > Chilly Water, 
           One Arm Steve, Wondering, Diner, Blue Indian, Pigeons, 
           Happy Child > Ain't Life Grand* > Tall Boy * > 
           Testify* > Tall Boy*.
           Disco, Thought Sausage, This Part of Town, Action Man, 
           Stop Breakin Down, Glad ** > Low Spark ** > 
           Drums *** > Vacation, Space Wrangler > Love Tractor. 
           E: Visiting Day, Arleen, City of Dreams.
           * with Dottie Peoples. 
           ** with Steve Winwood, Randall Bramblett. *** DJ Logic 
           2 Great CDs!!

05-03-05    Starlight Theater, KC, Mo.
            Little Kin > Jack, Viper Jive, Can't Get High, 
            May Your Glass Be Filled, Disco, Wondering > 
            Send Your Mind, Greta > Knocking 'Round The Zoo.
            Chainsaw City, Surprise Valley* > Blight > You Should Be Glad > 
            Use Me, Porch Song, Papa's Home > Arleen > Drums > 
            Papa's Home > Big Wooly Mammoth > Chilly Water, 
            E: This Part Of Town, Postcard
            * with Steve Lopez on percussion 
            3 Great CDs!!

07-02-05    The Gorge, George,Wa.
            This Part Of Town, Solid Rock > Rock, Fishwater, 
            Goin' Out West, Cows Come Home, Conrad, Barstools and Dreamers, 
            Trouble, Chunk Of Coal*, Ain't Life Grand*
            Disco > Wondering > Blackout Blues > Henry Parsons Died, 
            Time Zone, All Time Low, Pusherman > Papa's Home** > Drums** > 
            Monstrosity** > Flat Foot Flewzy > Love Tractor, 
            E: Old Joe, Sometimes, Come Together***
            * with Jonathan Segel on violin 
            ** with Frank Funaro on percussion 
            *** with David Lowery on vocals 
            3 Great CDs!

07-03-05    The Gorge, George,Wa.
            Let's Get Down To Business, Little Kin, 
            Imitation Leather Shoes, Nebulous > Little Lilly, 
            Junior, Don't Wanna Lose You, Stop Breakin' Down Blues*, 
            Porch Song, Climb To Safety.
            Thought Sausage, Travelin' Light, None of Us Are Free**, 
            Ribs And Whiskey*, You Should Be Glad, Diner > 
            Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys > Tie Your Shoes > 
            Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys > Chilly Water***, 
            E: Slippin' Into Darkness****, Space Wrangler
            * with Johnny Hickman on harmonica 
            ** with David Lowery on guitar/vocals, Johnny Hickman on harmonica 
            *** with Frank Funaro on percussion 
            **** with Johnny Hickman on harmonica, Steve Lopez on percussion 
            2 Great CDs!

07-20-05    Pershing Aud, Lincoln,Ne.
            Solid Rock > Radio Child, Tortured Artist, Papa Johnny Road, 
            Sleepy Monkey, Sleeping Man, Down, Cows Come Home > 
            Wondering > Porch Song.
            Disco > Pigeons, Travelin' Man > Greta > Driving Song > 
            Barstools and Dreamers > Jam > None of Us Are Free > 
            Driving Song > Surprise Valley > Blue Indian > 
            Space Wrangler, E: Doreatha, Action Man
            Instrumental 'None of Us Are Free'; 
            'Grandma's Hands' rap during 'Barstools and Dreamers'
            3 Great CDs!

10-26-05    Anselmo Valencia Amphitheater - Tucson, AZ
            Surprise Valley > Papa Legba, Stop Breakin' Down Blues, 
            Nicotina, Sleepy Monkey > Pleas > Driving Song > 
            Red Hot Mama > Driving Song, Ain't Life Grand.
            Makes Sense To Me, Cows Come Home > Stop-Go > 
            Travelin' Man > Second Skin > Wondering > 
            Party At Your Mama's House > Drums > Junior > 
            Life During Wartime, All Time Low.
            E: This Part Of Town > Let It Bleed
            3 Great CDs!!!

10-26-06    Music Hall, Omaha, Ne.
            Papa Legba > Disco > One Arm Steve > Imitation Leather Shoes, 
            Papa Johnny Road*, Arlene > Christmas Katie** > 
            Jack > Chilly Water.
            Rock, Stop Breaking Down Blues, Time Zones**, 
            You Got Yours* > Driving Song* > Holden Oversoul > Drums > 
            Time Is Free > Driving Song* > Give.
            E: Vampire Blues, Knocking Around the Zoo.
            * with John Keane on guitar ** with John Keane on pedal steel 
            Great Show on Audio DVD to utilize 5.1 Surround!!!

04-03-07    Landmark Theater - Richmond, VA
            From the Cradle > Fishwater, Better Off, Angels On High, 
            You Should Be Glad, Flicker > Greta, You Got Yours, Give.
            This Part Of Town > All Time Low > Diner > 
            Party At Your Mama's House > Airplane > Drums > 
            Impossible > One Arm Steve > Love Tractor.
            E: Pilgrims > Blackout Blues.
            3 Great CDs!!

06-25-08    Fort Tuthill County Park, Pine Mountain Amphitheater 
            Flagstaff, AZ
            Set 1: Tall Boy > Weight Of The World, 
            Tickle The Truth Into Submission, Dyin Man, 
            Sleeping Man, Travelin Man > Pusherman, 1X1 > 
            Travelin Light

            Set 2: Papa Legba > Imitation Leather Shoes, 
            Impossible > Love Tractor, Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi) > 
            Stop-Go > Jam > I Walk On Guilded Splinters, 
            Protein Drink > Sewing Machine 
            E: Trouble > Last Straw > Chest Fever

06-28-08    Red Rocks Amphitheatre - Morrison, CO
            Set 1: Blackout Blues, Postcard, Her Dance Needs No Body, 
            Goin' Out West, Vacation, Ribs And Whiskey, Better Off, 
            Goodpeople > Dark Bar > Goodpeople, Life During Wartime*

            Set 2: Space Wrangler > Fairies Wear Boots, 
            Little Lilly > Walkin' (For Your Love), B of D > 
            Machine > Barstools and Dreamers, Radio Child > 
            Drums > Jack > Henry Parsons Died 
            E: Sleepy Monkey, Solid Rock, No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature 
            * with Eric McFadden on guitar

06-29-08    Red Rocks Amphitheatre - Morrison, CO
            Set 1: Happy > Jam > Stir It Up, Chainsaw City, 
            Big Wooly Mammoth, Dark Day Program > 
            Chilly Water > Bowlegged Woman > Chilly Water

            Set 2: Jam* > Contentment Blues > Rock, Worry, 
            Disco > Conrad > Tie Your Shoes > Riders On The Storm >           Fishwater > Cream Puff War 
            E: Already Fried, Mr. Soul** > Heaven 
            * with DJ Harry on turntables 
            ** with Garrie Vereen on percussion, Unknown Panic crew member

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